Truth and Lies

There's always love in friendships and relationships, and there's always drama. Mary is an ordinary teenage girl, who's dealing with both teenage drama and personal issues.


7. The Night Howls

Friday 3 AM

I’m dancing on the table, while being crazy drunk, and having two guys standing next to me. I’m not exactly sure of who one of them are, but I don’t care. I’m free, happy and drunk. I just got that thought, when I fall down the table. Fred and Ally drag me to the side - away from everyone.

“You’re way too drunk”, Ally says, trying to hold me up. I’m laughing.

“I’m fine”, I say and walk away. I just nearly get to all of the other people, when David pulls me to the side. I look at him, annoyed.

“What now?”, I say and try to look all serious, but I’m too drunk to stand still, so it’s not going well.

“Mary, you need to get some water”, he says and takes my hand. I push him lightly away, but somehow he falls hard into the wall behind him, like I pushed him hard. I walk back quickly, scared of what I just did.

“I’m so sorry”, I say, and run. I run through the crowd. All these faces staring at me, I can’t take it. They look at me like I’m ok or normal. I keep running. The music bangs in the back of my head. I stop in the hallway, looking back at all these people being all happy and satisfied with their life. The music gets louder, and their voices fills up my head. I scream.

“Shut up!”, I shout, and everything around me stops. I look around. It’s all silent, and no one moves. They don’t even breathe. I run outside, where David finds me. He looks at me with pity in his eyes. Great. Now I’m the crazy girl, who pushed her crush to the ground. I sit on the bench outside the house and lean my head down to my knees. David sits himself next to me.

“It’s okay”, he says, while putting his arm around me. I lean into him. It feels nice. Almost safe.

“Can you tell me what’s going on?”, he slowly says. I look up at him – not having a clue of what is going on. I take a deep breath, and look away.

“I’m just drunk, I think. Can you get everyone out, please?”, I say. I don’t want anyone to see me like this, and I really don’t wanna be with anyone right now. I just wanna hide away.

“Yeah, sure. Just go to my house, and then I’ll handle everything”, he says, and gives me his key. I smile.

“Thanks”, I say. He’s so good to me, but why? I’ve never seen him like this with anyone before. He kisses me on the cheek, and walks into the house. I watch him, while he’s walking away, and then I walk over to his house.


Friday 4 AM

I lay on the couch, when David comes in. He takes off his shirt, and his pants. I’m half sleeping, but trying not to.

“Hey”, David says, and pulls me up from the couch. He takes off my shirt, and pants. I just stand there – totally wasted. When I’m only standing in my underwear, he takes my arms up above my head, and let’s go, but when he lets go, my arms fall down again. He laughs.

“Help me out here a little”, he says, and tries again to get my arms up. I hold them up this time. He puts his shirt over my head, and then sticks my arms through the holes. I smile.

“It’s warm and cozy”, I say, sounding like a child. He smiles, and takes my hand. He walks upstairs, and I follow. We go into his room, and lay down in his bed. I look at him with big eyes. The kind of eyes that looks at candy or something else they like.

“Are you good?”, he says.

“Yeah… Why are you being so kind?”, I say.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re all caring and loving”, I say and lay my hand around his neck, so we’re laying real close. He touches my back.

“I told you about my feelings for you”, he says, and kisses me.

“Yeah, but I’ve never seen you act like this with Ally?”, I say and turn onto my back, thinking about how messed up this is.

“Because it’s different with you”, he says, and lays himself on top of me. He kisses me again. I turn him around, so I lay on top of him. I sit up on him.

“How do I know, that you’re not just using me?”, I say, looking at him all serious. He pulls me down towards him, and hugs me – touches my cheek and smiles, while looking deeply into my eyes.

“If I was using you, you’d know”, he says. I look at him with a straight face.

“Ok”, I say, and then I fall asleep. 

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