Truth and Lies

There's always love in friendships and relationships, and there's always drama. Mary is an ordinary teenage girl, who's dealing with both teenage drama and personal issues.


1. The Invitation

“His eyes are big, but dick too small. He’s so curious, but too scared of the world. He wants it all – the money, fame, girls. Everything. He wants his life to be easy, but it’s not. The dreams keep on coming. He sits for himself every night dreaming of something better, than what he has. He wants to be the kind of guy, who can just walk straight up to a girl, and ask her out, but he’s too scared. People kept on seeing him as poor, shy, quiet and insecure”, David says while putting the picture down again. He turns around to face me.


Wednesday 7.50 AM

The clothes are Balmain. Belt says Versace. Shoes like Jordan’s. Haircut on fleek. He pulls up his iPhone 7, and checks his snapchat. 13 snaps from Sophie, Caroline, Janice, Ally, Jenny, Freya, Catherine – you name it. They all want a piece of him, but he doesn’t care. The girl he used to love, now doesn’t matter. The only person he cares about is himself. Why? Well... Why not? He’s awesome, cool, rich and popular. Everything is about him. He walks out to his Ferrari. Takes a selfie of him in the car with a cool filter. Life’s rolling, and he’s loving it.

He looks at himself in the mirror. Excited to get some pussy, and then he starts the engine.

He speeds up at maximum, and enjoys the rush it’s giving him. He turns the radio all the way up, and he’s singing along, even though he can’t sing, but who cares? Definitely not him.

Ally calls him up.

“Can we go out instead of hanging out at my place tonight?”

“Sure, I’ll just pick you up after work”


He wonders, why she never wants to hang out at her place anymore, but he quickly lets it go again.

“Stupid parents”, he says to himself, and then he speeds up again.

Ally is his super-hot girlfriend. They’re together even though none of them really loves each other. They just bang, and he buys her stuff, without even realizing, that she’s using him for money.

In school he’s the popular kid with everything, that he wants within his reach. He can get any girl he wants, just say the word, and she’s his. That’s probably also why you always see him in the toilets banging some girl, but Ally never notices, and even if she does, she doesn’t care. She’s just as unfaithful as him.

Every morning I pass him on my way down to my car. We live across each other, so it’s unavoidable. I must say, that he sure looks fine, but he’s also everything, that I don’t want in a guy. He’s immature, self-observed, insecure, stupid and a total douche. I know, that I’m not the one to judge, especially when I got a new guy every week. Like at least he’s got a girlfriend, I’m just a hoe, but I don’t cheat, and I haven’t fucked the entire school. I stay to the older guys from outside of town.

I walk down the halls at school, and suddenly Ally comes up to me with an invitation to her party this weekend. I look at the invitation wondering why she’s inviting me.

“I really want you to come”, she says with big eyes. We’ve never really talked before, so I’m just thinking, that it’s a joke or something. Like she’s super nice and everything, but it’s just unusual.

“Why?”, I say looking at her pretty, straight, long, blonde hair. She’s got that good girl style over her. If you didn’t know any better, you’d be thinking, that she’s all innocent or something. She’s just not. She used to be the school’s slut, until David upped her level.

“We’ve never hung out, and I want that to change”

“Ok, then I’ll be there”, I smile and close my locker. She smiles, and David comes over to us, and kisses her. Awkwardly, I walk away.

“What are you doing talking to Slutty Ally”, my best friend, Fred approaches me. Fred’s the kind of guy, who seems like a total douche, but he’s got the best heart in the world. He’s good looking and everything, but to me he’s just a bro and the best one at that.

“She invited me to her party”, I say. He laughs, and I’m just standing there staring at him.

“Oh you’re serious?”

“Do bears shit in the woods?”, I say and start laughing. Now he’s just staring at me.

“You’re so funny”

“I know”


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