Truth and Lies

There's always love in friendships and relationships, and there's always drama. Mary is an ordinary teenage girl, who's dealing with both teenage drama and personal issues.


2. The Drunken Problems

Friday 5 PM

I’m on my way home from walking the dog, just before one of my guys are supposed to come over. I pass David’s house, when I see him taking the trash out.

“Oh so you can actually do something productive?”, I say, thinking I’m really funny.  He looks at me, while throwing the trash away. His muscles are showing, when he lifts the trash up.

“You should see me in bed”

“I’d rather go blind”, I say, while walking away. I smoothly turn my head back at him just to look at him, and he’s still standing there looking good. I roll my eyes at him, and then I close the gates. 


Saturday 9.04 PM

I’m dancing around in the house, while singing loudly along to “Guys My Age” by Hey Violet. I go through some different outfits. Trying on a red dress my ex gave me. Remembering him and his bullshit. I promised myself after him, that I’d never fall in love again, and I won’t. I remember his way of manipulating me, using me and mostly his lies. The worst part was, that I’d always forgive him. I’d always come back. I don’t know, if that’s love, but if it is, then I don’t want any part of it.

The doorbell rings, and I quickly throw on a sexy top to my basic jeans.

“It’s open!”

“I know!”, Fred answers. I walk out of my room, and into the living room, where he is.

“Then why did you ring the bell, stupid?”

“Well… Then you wouldn’t have anything to ask me”, he says smiling. He’s actually looking really good. Sometimes I forget about his looks, because he’s my friend and all that, but when I notice his looks, then I sure notice them.

“Are you ok with tonight?”, I ask, while smiling gently.

“Don’t worry about it - I’m good”, he says, and I almost believe him, but I know, he’s not ok.

“Let’s take some shots, before we go”, I say while turning up the music.


Saturday 10 PM

We arrive at the party. Both feeling like strangers and outsiders. Everyone’s out by the pool. Some are in it - some are just dancing around it. Fred looks at me like he just wants to escape, but then one of his friends drags him away. I’m awkwardly just standing there in the middle of the party like some shy little kid, who can’t find their mom, so they just stand waiting for them to come back all lost.  

“Hey you made it!”, Ally comes up to me.

“I sure did. It’s a great party!”, I say, trying to be polite though it’s all still pretty awkward.

“Come, we need to talk”, Ally says, while dragging me inside the house. She seems so drunk. She can’t even walk straight.

“I asked you to this party, because I really want us to be friends. I mean, you seem so nice, and you’re like really pretty. I think, we could become really good friends. Like almost best friends. Maybe sisters”, she’s talking fast, and mumbling while doing so. It’s hard to even keep up.

“That sounds good”, I say.

“You really think so? Let’s get really drunk tonight! I mean like I’m already a little drunk, but it’s not enough, you know”, she keeps on talking fast, and we just end up going downstairs, doing way too many shots.

It all is beginning to look a little blurry for me, but I’m in my happy drunk place. Just a little too tipsy maybe.

The football team takes tequila shots on me, and I hook up with three of them.


Sunday 3.00 AM

I’m really close to fucking some guy, when I hear someone shouting.

“What’s that?”, I say, the guy is all busy with doing me, so he doesn’t care.

“Probably just someone who’s drunk”, he says, while people start to scream and loud noises appears. I quickly move away from the guy.

“I’m just gonna go”, I say, while I take my clothes, and hurry downstairs, where I find David and Fred fighting.

“What the hell guys!”, I shout, while moving in between of them. I look at Fred with threatening eyes.

“You kissed my girl!”, David yells angry behind me.

“She was mine first. You took her from me”, Fred accuses, and pushes me up against David.

“She chose me. Your dick just wasn’t big enough for her”, David laughs and Fred knocks him to the ground.

“Come Fred”, I say, dragging him away, before the football team comes to kick his ass.

When we’re 5 miles from the house, I stop walking, and I also stop Fred. I take a deep breath, and then I look at Fred with disappointment in my eyes.

“What were you thinking?”

“It’s not my fault. Ally just came up to me, kissing me, and then David was there. I didn’t do anything”

“Do you really think, that I’m buying that?”

“I’m telling you the truth, but she was mine first, so he’s just got to shut his mouth”

“Fred... You can’t still hang on to that”

“You don’t know, how much it hurt me. He was my best friend, and he knew, how much I cared for her”

“You’ve gotta let it go. I know it hurt, but you can’t only blame David. Ally’s just as much to blame as him”, I say, while locking the door up to my house. “Do you wanna come in, or are you going home?”, I offered.

“I think, that I’ll just go home. I don’t wanna meet David tomorrow morning”

“Ok, see you”, I say, while watching him stumble out again.


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