Truth and Lies

There's always love in friendships and relationships, and there's always drama. Mary is an ordinary teenage girl, who's dealing with both teenage drama and personal issues.


6. The Dance on Roses and Thornes

Friday 11.40 PM

It’s lunch, and I’m eating with Ally and all of her friends, including the football team. Jake keeps staring at me and I try to look away, but then he stands up and walks over to me. He sits himself next to me, and the smell of his cologne surrounds me. It’s nice.

“Hey, how are you?”, he says and smiles all flirty.

“I’m good, how about you?”, I say, while trying to be polite.

“I’m not really sure, but I’d be more than good, if you went on a date with me?”, he says and smiles. He’s pretty good looking and everything, but I’m just not interested. I smile, and turn my head to the side, where I see David staring. He’s heard Jake asking me out.

“Then let’s go out”, I say. Jake smiles, and his eyes are shining. I’ve never seen him so happy. Apparently going out with me, is something that he wants badly. I don’t even want to go out with him, but I’ll do anything to make David jealous, especially after me seeing him with another girl. I wanna get even, and I want him to feel, what I feel. I look over at him again, and he quickly looks away. I wanna go over to him, but I’m so angry with him. Right now the anger is the only thing holding me back from wanting him.


Friday 1.55 PM

I walk down the hall. We got off early today, so I’m going home. I’m just about to open my locker, when Ally grabs my arm. She surprises me, which makes me very uncomfortable, so I get mad. I pull back, and try to ignore it.

“Hey! I saw you talking to Jake today”, she says, and smiles like she’s a kid, who’s just found a goodie bag filled with candy and Barbie dolls. I know, she’s had sex with Jake, so I really don’t wanna talk about it.

“Yeah, he asked me out”, I say, trying to avoid all her questions. I know her, and I know her games.

“So are you gonna go out with him?”, she says with big eyes.

“I don’t know… Maybe. Would it be ok with you, if I did?”, I cautiously ask. I don’t wanna push any of her buttons, because I know, what a bitch she can be, if you’re not on her good side.

“Of course it would be ok”, she says, smiling. Ally means a lot to me, even though we haven’t been friends for long. It’s just, that I’ve never really been good with girls, so it’s kind of a big deal for me. She’s important, and that’s why I’d do anything to keep her as my friend.

“Well just let me know, if it’s bothering you”, I say, because I really don't wanna step on her toes.

“Of course”, she says and smiles and so do I.


Friday 9.13 PM

I’m at home bored to hell, when Fred comes over. I haven’t seen much of him lately, so it’s kinda nice with some alone time.

“So tell me about Ally. How’s it going?”, I say, expecting a lot of gossip, but instead he just looks at me all serious.

“You need to tell me, what’s going on with you and David. I know you lied, that day with your car and I’ve noticed the looks he’s been giving you”, he says. I freak out. I know, that I gotta tell him now. Maybe I can still lie my ass out of it.

“Ok, that’s a big accusation. My car did break down, and I don’t know what’s up with David’s looks”, I say with my convincing voice, even though it’s not really convincing at all.

“C’mon Mary, stop lying to me. I know your car didn’t break down”, he says, and I look away. How could he even know that? I know he’s my best friend, but he can’t know everything.

“And how’s that?”, I say.

“Well maybe because my dad’s brother owns the only car shop within miles, and you haven’t been there”, he says, and I now know, that I’m screwed. I keep on lying though.

“Maybe he’s just confused with names and all that”

“Mary… We’ve been best friends for years, he knows you. Why are you lying to me?”, he says, and I take a deep breath.

“You are involved with his ex-girlfriend, who is my really good friend. Are you really sure, that you wanna lie to her too?”, I say, hoping his answer is no, and that we can just let it be at that.

“I don’t want to, but you are my best friend, and I am supposed to know all your secrets, so if I gotta lie for you, so be it. I’m always here, you know that, and I got your back, like you got mine”, he says, like it’s a big romantic gesture.

“I just don’t want you to run around with a big secret, that could destroy Ally’s trust and faith in you. Ally is good for you, and I don’t wanna destroy that”, I say, but I wanna tell him so bad. I just can’t.

The doorbell rings, and Fred looks at me. He quickly runs to the door, and I run too. He gets there first. It’s David.

“Hi David, we were just talking about you. Why don’t you join us?”, Fred says. He’s gonna get it out of him. That stupid stubborn ass never gives up.

“No, David should probably go home now”, I try to send him away.

“I’d love to come in for a chat”, David says. I roll my eyes at them, and walk to the fridge. I take out three beers, while texting Ally, that there’s party at my house. Maybe if 50 people come over, they’ll stop talking about all of this drama.

Ally texts back, that she’ll make sure, that people will come at 10 PM. I smile, and walk over to the guys.

“So tell me about you and Mary”, Fred says all hopeful. I look at David. He can’t tell.

“We’ve just become really good friends. Right, Mary?”

“Yeah, that’s why I didn’t wanna tell you. Maybe you’d get jealous”, I say, hoping Fred is buying it.

“Why should I get jealous?”, Fred laughs. I think, he’s bought.

“You two just don’t get along so well, so yeah… I just thought, that you wouldn’t be pleased by our friendship”, I say all innocent. David looks at me with flirty eyes. I look away, thinking he’s gonna blow it with those looks.

“That makes sense, I guess”, he says.

“I promise you, that there is nothing more to it”, I say.

“Yeah, I promise too”, David says and smiles. I feel so bad about lying. Fred always knows everything. We never lie to each other. This could really ruin our friendship, but what about Ally?

The doorbell rings again, and ten people come in. 

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