Truth and Lies

There's always love in friendships and relationships, and there's always drama. Mary is an ordinary teenage girl, who's dealing with both teenage drama and personal issues.


4. The Aftertaste

Tuesday 8.20 AM

I open my eyes a little bit, and then close them.

“What’s the time?”, I say, while gently hitting the pillow next me, thinking that it’s David, but it’s not. I open my eyes surprised by his disappearance only to realize the smell. It reminds me of, when mom was healthy enough to make me breakfast in the morning. I’d always smell the bacon on weekends and wake up to her singing in the kitchen. She’d always sing so loud, that you couldn’t even hear the music, and it didn’t even sound good.

“Stop! It hurts my ears”, I’d shout laughing. I miss her. I miss the smell of her perfume. I miss her voice. God, I’d give anything to just hear her awful singing again.

I sit up in the bed, while checking my phone. It’s 8.20 AM. I’m late. I run downstairs, but stop when I see David standing there in the kitchen, making me breakfast. He’s only wearing his pants, so you can really see his abs. His hair is all messy, and his eyes are sleepy, but he still looks sexy. He turns around and smiles.

“Good morning sunshine! You look good in my shirt”, he says, while putting the eggs and bacon on two plates. He’s also made fresh juice and coffee.

“Did you make all this?”, I ask, while finding some cups for the coffee. He kisses my neck, and I turn around to face him. Our eyes meet and he smiles. He leans in so our lips barely touch.

“Just for you”, he whispers, and kisses me. He walks over to the table and sits down to eat.

“We’re late”, I say, sounding like a total mom.

“Let’s ditch school”, he says with his charming smile. I roll my eyes at him – disgusted by my choice of bedpartner.

“Sorry, buddy, but I gotta go to school, but thanks for the food”, I say, while feeling bitchy. We eat the food, and then I kick him out.

“Can we at least go to school together?”, he says on his way out.

“Fine, meet me out front in 20 minutes”

“Yours or my car?”

“I don’t care”


Tuesday 9.50

Just before we reach the door, I stop David.

“This is between you and I”, I say demanding. I don’t want my new friendship with Ally to be ruined by David’s stupid ass, so I gotta keep this tight, and I hope that he’ll want that too.

“You never know, who might find out?”, he says and then he walks away.

“David I mean it!”, I desperately say, while following him into the hall, where everyone else is. People stare at us the minute we step into the hall, and we both become silent. I can hear people whispering. We just awkwardly stare at each other, and then one of the guys from the football team, that I kissed at the party, comes over. I think his name is Jake or something.

“You can really move fast, why aren’t you in the football team?”, he says, thinking he’s all funny and smart.

“What do you mean?”, David says. I don’t know, if he’s playing dumb, or if he just doesn’t understand it.

“Dude, you got dumbed yesterday, and here you are already with a new girl”, Jake continues.

“Well, Mary is my friend and nothing more”, David tries to save it.

“Why did you drive in the same car to school then, and why were you both late?”, Jake is digging.

“My car broke down, and David lives across of me, so I asked him to help. He couldn’t fix it, so we drove to school in his car”, I save it. Jake smiles and so does David.

“That’s good. I just don’t think, that you’d wanna end up with someone, who probably has aids”, he says provocatively.

“Then it’s good, I’m not with you”, I roll my eyes, and walk away.

“Why did you come with him to school?”, Fred approaches me. I haven’t seen or heard from him since the party. He’s shut himself down at home. Probably too scared of getting his ass kicked. I ignore him, and continue going through my locker.

“I’m sorry, about me going all silent on you”, he says, and looks at me. I continue ignoring him. He hugs me from behind.

“Please forgive me. Pretty, pretty please”, he says, while hugging me from side to side. I start laughing.

“Ok, you’re forgiven”, I say and turn around. I look at him, thinking he’s crazy, but I love him, so it’s ok.

“So tell me. I’m dying to know here”

“There’s nothing to know. My car broke down, and he was there, so we took his car to school”

“Wtf? For some months ago you said, that you’d never take his help, if he offered, even if you were in need?”, he says all suspicious. I look away. I know, that he always sees through me. He’s gonna find out no matter what. I know that, but what if he spills to Ally? We’ve just become friends. It would ruin everything. 

“Have you talked to Ally?”, I ask, while smiling with my smirk face.

“She texted me yesterday. Why?”

“I told her to go after you”

“You didn’t”

“Well, she wants you back, so I just pushed her a little bit”

“You’re the best. I gotta get to class now”

“See you”


Tuesday 4 PM

David stops the car, and both of us sits still there for a couple of minutes. None of us says anything, we just sit and stare out the window. I don’t know what to say, and he doesn’t either.

“Maybe this was a mistake”, I quickly say, knowing how it will screw everything up, but I don’t want this to screw everything up with Ally.

“You really think so?", he cautiously says, while looking down at the wheel.

“Yeah, I do”, I try to sound sure.

“Why?”, he says, and I don't know, what to say.

“Because of Ally”, I answer.

“But we’re not together anymore”, he says with hope in his voice.

“You just broke up”, I look out the window.

“So?”, he keeps on going.

“Do you want us to be together or what? Can you even imagine that? We’re both fucked up. It wouldn’t work. So it was a mistake, and let’s just leave it at that”, I say and feel my heartbeat jumping like crazy inside of me. I don't know, why I'm pushing him away. It burns, but I can't break.

“No”, he says. Why don't he just let it go or let it be easy for me? Let me push you away. God dammit. 

“What?”, I say, playing stupid.

“I just want a start with you. I don’t wanna be together, but I do want you”, he says. I know, he wants me to bend, but I won't.

“David…”, I say.

“Give me a chance”, he begs.

“No”, I say, knowing that I officially loose him now. 

“Fine”, he says, while going out of the car. He’s angry, and I understand. I really do, and I want him too, even if every piece of brain tells me no. I wanna run back to him, and tell him to stay, but I keep on walking over to my house. I stop and turn around, but he’s gone.


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