Forever Young

In a world where you do not age after the age of 19 until you meet your soulmate, Mettaton wants to live forever. How must he do that? By killing his one true love.
Yes, @YaPrtyMuch and I are writing stories with the same plot. We have agreed to do this and are not copying one another.


3. The Man Outside

From the outside, Mettaton's house looked like a train wreck, but on the inside, it was practically the exact opposite. The interior was pink, pink, and so much more pink, black accents here and there. His kitchen was extraordinarily polished and well kept, everything neat and organized, lavish and fancy. Although it was quite small, Mettaton made it work. 

He was polishing his collection of knives when he heard the voice, loud yet innocent coming from outside. It stopped abruptly and a woman spoke softly a warning. He frowned, making his way over to his pink curtains, opening them and then lifting a corner of the tattered brown shutters to see the delinquents making all the noise. He peeked out to find two people, male and female, making their way swiftly down the pavement. The girl looked up at the window in terror and began to walk faster, pulling the male along behind her. The man looked up at the window and locked eyes with Mettaton. 

He was gorgeous, curly, dark brown hair a frizzy mess on his head, skinny, yet muscular body, strong jaw, high cheekbones, and dazzling brown eyes. Mettaton hadn't felt this kind of attraction since Jonathan... Could he be the one? His eyes traveled down to the Man's free palm, where, sure enough, Mettaton was scrawled. 

He felt a surge of both excitement and dread, excitement at the chance to kill once again, dread at the fact that he would have to put up with this man for at least a week before betraying him. He sighed as they walked out of view. He was probably going to that woman's house, he would have to stop him on the way back. Talk to him. He turned back to his task, he probably wouldn't come back for awhile. 

A few houses over, Papyrus was denying coffee from a very persistent Undyne. 

"I insist." 

"Undyne, I can't have caffeine this late at night. If anything, could you get me a decaf?"

Undyne rolled her eyes, sighing exasperatedly. 

"Fine." She made her way over to the kitchen. 

Papyrus sunk into her sofa, holding his head in his hand and blinking. He hadn't realized how tired he was. Maybe Undyne would let him stay the night. That wasn't weird, they were both gay. 

"Frick!" He heard Undyne yell from the kitchen.


"I'm alright!" 

"Okay, then."

He let his mind wander, thoughts drifting back to the 'psycho' next door. He didn't seem so bad. He must have been so lonely-Maybe he would stop by. Who cared what Undyne thought, anyway? She was such an overprotective friend...


Papyrus snapped out of his thoughts to see Undyne handing him his drink.

"Thanks," He mumbled, taking the steaming mug.

Undyne sat beside him propping her feet up on a stool and sipping her energy drink. 

"You really like caffeine, don't you?"

Undyne nodded quickly.

"I'm a bit of an insomniac, I guess you could say. I'm awake all night, except for when I have work, of course... Then I take my sleeping pills."

Papyrus took a sip of his coffee and almost spit it out because it was far too bland. 

"What happened to you-why can't you sleep?" He asked.

Undyne stiffened, looking up at him with a pained expression. 

"You remember Alphys, don't you?" 

Papyrus nodded. They thought they were soulmates, apparently, they weren't, though. 

"Well, what I told you happened... wasn't what really happened."

Papyrus arched an eyebrow. 

"Then what did happen?"

"Um, well, she actually was my soulmate."

Papyrus' eyes widened in surprise. 

"Then why the hell did you-"

"I told you, that's not what happened!" She hissed, "She actually... Well, I'm not sure if I can even say it."

"Go on, you can't just not tell me now."

Undyne nodded, he was right. 

"Well, she sort of... committed suicide."

"She what?"

Tears were beginning to roll down Undyne's cheeks now. This was scary for Papyrus. Undyne didn't cry. 

"S-She thought I hated her because I didn't show up to three date nights in a row. I shouldn't have forgotten, I was stupid, she was already depressed enough, and I was the only one helping her through it..."

Papyrus felt tears well up in his eyes at Undyne's story and he hugged her, letting her sob into his not-so-strong arms.  

"It's not your fault," He whispered, but Undyne shook her head.

"But it is."

"No, no it's not. Shh."

Undyne, seeing no point in arguing or crying any longer, sat up and wiped her tears with the sleeve of her jacket. 

"You should probably get going now. Stay safe out there, Papyrus."

Papyrus nodded, standing up and making his way towards the door. 

"Will do," He promised her before heading out into the chilly night. 

He began the walk back to Snowdin and as he passed by the psycho's house he paused. Perhaps he should go talk to him? He thought better of it, not wanting to disturb him at the unruly hour. However, just as he continuing the door swung open and he spun on his heels to see a man standing there. He certainly did have a lot of piercings, he had those stunning green eyes from earlier and black hair that almost fell over one eye. 

"Hello," He said and Papyrus immediately took note of how deep and curious his voice was.

"Um, hi."

The man took a step closer, his pink boots making clacking sounds on the pavement. 

"I couldn't help but notice you stopped outside my house. Did you wish to speak to me?"

"Er, yes. M-My name is Papyrus Font."

Mettaton smiled, it was him. 

"Pleased to meet your acquaintance. My name is Mettaton."

Papyrus started at this. 


"Yes, It's me, darling," He said, holding his palm out for Papyrus to see. 

Papyrus stared in awe, could this really be his soulmate. The 'psycho' Undyne always went on about?

"Oh, gosh, so you're my soulmate?"

"I believe so."

Papyrus ran a hand through his bushy hair, this was such a surprise, shocking, really. 

"W-Well, we should definitely set a date then. A-Are you good Friday?"

Mettaton nodded. 

"Yes, that works. I'm not busy at all, in fact, I seem to never have plans."

Papyrus nodded slowly. Shouldn't he be feeling delighted rather than the urge to leave? All he could think about was what Undyne's reaction to this breaking news might be...

"A-Alright, see you then."

Mettaton flashed him a grin, pearly, straight white teeth showing between his glossy lips. 






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