Change in The Air

Mettaton Ex has always felt like a boy trapped inside of a girls body. He's always liked boys. He's always felt different.


6. memories

A sob escaped my lips as I bolted to my room, slamming the door behind me and falling against it, sliding down so that I ended up with my knees pressed against my chest. My breaths were heavy and shaky, I let tear after tear fall from my good eye. 

My father had just hit me. 

This was the first time it had happened, I was scared, so scared, I thought I was his little angel. I was only twelve years old, after all, turning thirteen in just two weeks. It scared me how dark my home had gotten, what was once a safe, happy, place, was now uncomfortable and scary. I wondered if I would even have a birthday party this year. 

My cheek stung from where his hand had been. His yelling was still ringing in my ears, his angry look that he does where his vein popped out of his forehead still fresh in my mind. I closed my eyes anyway because I wanted to be anywhere but here. Anywhere. 

My parents were fighting and they were coming closer from in the hallway, I could hear my mother trying to reason with him. The I heard a crack and my mom start screaming at him and so I bit down hard on my lower lip because this could not be happening. 

I stood and ran to my bed, hiding under the furry, pink blankets just in case they were to come in. 

The door swung open and my father was yelling inaudible words, I was crying too loud to hear. He sighed, flung a duffle bag at me, and as my crying turned to whimpers he ordered me to get out. 



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