Amnesia //Calum Hood Fanfic

Michael has a little sister named Chelsea. He left her to go on tour for 2 years. He didn't leave a note or even say goodbye. He just left. On the other hand Chelsea has gotten bullied ever since he left but still managed to get new friends. One day at lunch Michael comes bursting into the schools lunch and quickly gives Chelsea a hug. Will Chelsea remember? Read Amnesia to find out


4. Chapter 3- Friends

Chelsea's P.O.V

When I got home I saw 2 cars in my driveway and I quickly recognised who they were.

My friends.

I quickly went to Vanessa's car window only to see her on her phone.

Of course.

I knocked on her window and she quickly looked up. She got out of her car and gave me a hug.

I pulled away from the hug and went to my next friends car , Elizabeth. I knocked on her window to and she got out and gave me a hug to.

"Alright everyone in my house" I said

Once we got inside I threw my backpack on the couch and I went upstairs with the girls following close behind.

I entered my room and went straight on my bed since I was tired.

" You sure are tired" Vanessa said as she sat on my bean bag

" I sure am" I said

" Not the first." Beth (Elizabeth) mumbled.

" Hey! Don't judge my tiredness" I said

Suddenly I was knocked down with pillows and Vanessa and Beth attacking me to the ground

I was laughing so hard that my stomach began to hurt.

They finally got off me and I went over to me bed.

"I'm bored" I whined

"We can tell" Vanessa said while looking up from her phone.

Beth's face lot up so fast that I got a little scared

"Let's go to the mall guys!" She squealed

"Then let's go!" Vanessa said. They both know I hate shopping so they had to drag me to the car literally.


Once we got home I went straight to the couch.

"I'm hungry" Vanessa whined

"Yeah, can we order a pizza?" Beth whined as well

"Yeah okay sure" I said

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