Amnesia //Calum Hood Fanfic

Michael has a little sister named Chelsea. He left her to go on tour for 2 years. He didn't leave a note or even say goodbye. He just left. On the other hand Chelsea has gotten bullied ever since he left but still managed to get new friends. One day at lunch Michael comes bursting into the schools lunch and quickly gives Chelsea a hug. Will Chelsea remember? Read Amnesia to find out


1. Chapter 1- Calum Hood

There I was sitting by the door with my knees up to my chest playing on my phone while my parents were talking to Mr. and Mrs. Hemmings.

I suddenly feel a single tap on my shoulder I quickly jerk my head up to see that it was the one and only Luke Hemmings.

He was there wearing black converse, ripped skinny jeans, and a Blink - 182 shirt.

He then leaned over to me. I grab his hand as he pulls me up. I tell him thank you and he just smiles leading me to the room closing the door behind him.

I sit on the bed sand there was an awkward silence. Luke breaks the silence.''I want to get to know you better.'' He said while sitting on the bed as well. ''

"oh! What do you want to know.'' I said . Well I don't know anything" Luke said.

"Well okay my name is Chelsea Clifford, um my favourite colour is green, and I have 2 brothers "I said. Luke's eyes widen and then he said,"me too!"

Then we both started laughing.

When we stopped laughing Luke then reaches over and puts a stroke of my brown curly hair behind my ear.

Luke started to lean in for a kiss which made his lips inches away from mine.

We both leaned in then suddenly my phone rang. Luke backed away and I closed my eyes while answering. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was my best friend Emberlyn . "Hello " I said.

"Hey Chelsea I just wanted to know if you were okay." Emberlyn said.

"Yea , yea I'm okay why?" We'll it's just that you haven't talked to me in a while ,so I thought that maybe yo- I suddenly cut her off to say ...I'm okay look Emberlyn not to be rude but I've gotta go Byeeee I sang then hanged up.

When I looked over to see Luke I saw that he was laughing at me. I spoke and asked what are you laughing at? " you" he said.

"Me " I said looking at him with a confused look. "Yea he said. "Your adorable" he said. I blushed hoping that he wouldn't notice but he noticed.

"I saw that he said saw what I asked that you blushed. I denied it many times.

I then heard my mom yell from downstairs "Chelsea time to go." "Coming" I yell back. Before walking out I smiled and waved goodbye to Luke while throwing him a pillow and laughing. Then we left.


When we got home got out of the car and went up to my room and changed into my pj's. I put my phone to charge and then my phone vibrated. I saw that it was a text from an unknown number it read:

Hey Chelsea see you tomorrow at school - Hemmings

I texted back and said:

How did you get my number? But yeah see you at school tomorrow

I then turned off my phone and went to bed.

The next morning my mom woke me up and said I had to get ready for school.

So I took a shower got out and changed I was wearing black leggings,a grey tank top, and a flannel around my waist followed along with my white converse.

I put my hair in a pony tale and headed to the kitchen when I got down their there was someone at the door. I took a closer look to see who it was.

It was Luke.

My mom smiled at me and told me to go ahead.

I went upstairs to get my bag and me and Luke started walking out the door. "Why are you here" I asked.

"What can a friend not walk with a friend to school" Luke said.

We then arrive to school I go to my locker and Luke follows me."What are you doing?" I ask "Oh my locker is this way" he said " Oh Okay " was all I could have managed to say at that point.

When I finally reached my locker I grabbed my books and then closed it.

The person next to me was finally there although I have never seen the person at there locker before.

I take a peek to see who it is I suddenly noticed who it was IT WAS LUKE!!

I suddenly spoke and said " your locker is next to mine." I said almost yelling. Y-Yeah I guess" Luke said.

Then out of nowhere the school bell rang which meant that it was time to go to first period.

When I reached my first period class (P.E.) I saw that they were playing basketball but I wasn't interested and sat in the bleachers on the side of the gym and played on my phone.

I heard some one call my name on my left.

I turned around and saw a guy with brown eyes and black hair.

He holds out his hand and says "Hood" Calum Hood."

I gladly excepted his hand and said " Clifford"Chelsea Marie Clifford

Well nice to meet you Clifford he said.

Nice to meet you too Hood I said.

After a weird silence Calum finally decided to break it. "Do you supposedly know Micheal Clifford?" Calum asks.

Yea yea why? I say.

So your the famous Chelsea Micheal has been talking about huh? Calum asks

You know my brother, Michael ? I ask

Yeah he's in my can I not know him? Calum says laughing.

I've heard of you to, the bass player. I say raising an eyebrow.

He quickly smiles and laughs for a moment. Before he could say anything the second period bell rings.

"I'll catch you later Clifford." He said.

"I'll catch you later too Hood" I say while exiting the gym.

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