Kenza Louise Philips is a bubbly loving sweet girl but she has secrets that she doesn't want out.

Foster care isn't always easy if you have no parent what so ever and two sister that are in it as well.

Her boyfriend
Jason McCann
Will he do something stupid that could ruin everything???

His girlfriend Kenza
Will she do something stupid that could ruin everything???

Could both of them ruin everything that they had by keeping secrets

They both had secrets


2. Past

Kenzas PoV:

11 years ago...

"Kenza sweetie your going home," announced my teacher.

"Ok miss I'm coming.' I replied, As I walked out the door, I saw my sister but she didn't appear like her happy self.

She looked like she was about to shed tears. She quickly seized my hand hastily and muttered, 'Come on, we need to go now.'

Feeling clueless, we quickly walked back to our street.The walk home was silent until we approached our house.

As we entered, all I could encounter was shouting and the sound of things breaking. What the hell was going on?!

Plates scattered a cross floor.

Windows smashed open.

Food everywhere, all over the floor and the walls.

Everything and everywhere in the house was a mess,but the only things or let me say people that weren't was me and Destiny and...

My mom and dad.

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