Kenza Louise Philips is a bubbly loving sweet girl but she has secrets that she doesn't want out.

Foster care isn't always easy if you have no parent what so ever and two sister that are in it as well.

Her boyfriend
Jason McCann
Will he do something stupid that could ruin everything???

His girlfriend Kenza
Will she do something stupid that could ruin everything???

Could both of them ruin everything that they had by keeping secrets

They both had secrets


1. Kenza Louise sankoh graham

Hi, my name is Kenza but some people like my grandma call me Kenny. Anyway, I'm 18 years old so I'm in my last year of school. I guess you can say I'm lucky or fortunate.

I have two sisters one called Destiny, she is 20 years old and another one called Kadi , she is in her teens but turning 17 in December 20th; I love them both to bits but there is one thing I always ask from them, their comfort.

I'm living with my foster carer right now, yeah I'm in foster care with my sister...

It's a long story, my mum had an affair with my dad leaving him with tears. Before I knew it, I never saw my dad again. Life was hard for my mum then. She wasn't normal; she had depression & some sort of illness that I could never figure out, she never told me. One day at the age of ten,I was sent to live in my grandmother and grant-aunt house. and that was when my life changed. She told me she will collect me when she is ready. As we grew up, my sisters and I were harder to look after. Money was tight, they couldn't afford to pay food, clothes, etc. my life wasn't really a childhood dream.

I come from Sierra leoan and Brazil so, I'm mixed with a little birthmark that looks like an heart with a little crack on the back of my neck it has changed over time; we get our birthmarks from my mom. Kadi now has a anomalous structure that looks like some type of eye with a tear; that is what I think anyway. In any event, I'm more of my African side then my Brazilian side but I mean I like twerking so I don't know if that counts?

Thanks guys!!! This is my first story so I don't need haters but the haters gonna hate. I would like to say thank you to my friend Destiny who has directed me to make this book. She is an amazing story planner! I hope you enjoyed this chapter of secrets, if you would like to give ideas of this story please comment below, I would love to hear your ideas as I would like to give you the most pleasure of reading Secrets.

Love you all<3

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