Fairly Local

"The world around us is burning, but we're so cold. It's the few, the proud, and the emotional."
A lot of people may think that after my brother graduated high school, all of the issues would be resolved. Ha, like I wish. This is still high school. There have been rumors speculating around now about my class, and most of them are about me. I've cheated on my boyfriend with the most popular guy in our grade, I've had sex with a girl, I've done drugs, I give blowjobs for free, et cetera. Well none of that is true. I've never had sex with a girl. I drink but I don't do drugs. And the only person I give blowjobs to is Ian.
Wait I didn't confirm that the cheating on Ian one isn't true? Well, that's a long story...
(Second book in Problems Series)


3. chapter two

Present day (December 2016)

To: Obi-Wan "hey when's your concert?"

From: Obi-Wan "which one the OWAP or band one?"

To: Obi-Wan "both"

From: Obi-Wan "Band is the 13th and OWAP is the 15th"

To: Obi-Wan "alright thanks."

From: Obi-Wan "Don't you have a game those days??"

To: Obi-Wan "no I don't. I have them wednesdays and saturdays."

From: Obi-Wan "okay. See ya in gov."

I toss my phone to my side and open up my laptop. It was almost time for my weekly skype chats I do with Connor. I also do them with Ashton, but he doesn't know that I do them with Connor.

After opening up my laptop I wait to see Connor's username show that she is online. When it finally does, I click on her user and start a call.

Within two minutes, Connor is now on my screen and I get a view of her dorm at NYU.

"Hey Nic!" She says with a wide smile and I smile back.

"Hey Con! How's New York going?" I ask setting aside my government textbook. I had a test tomorrow and Henderson is one where our tests is only an essay. I ace almost all of his tests except this one time when I got a B.

"It's going well." She says grabbing a brush and applying something to her face. What's she prepping for?

"Connor, do you have something going on tonight?" I ask raising an eyebrow.

"Oh." She puts down the brush and compact case. "I actually have a blind date tonight."

"A blind date?! With who?! Tell me about it!" I start asking questions like I'm on a sugar high.

"Whoa whoa whoa Nicole May let me answer!" She replies with a chuckle. Beside my mom whenever she is pissed at me, Connor is one of the few people that uses my full name at times. People call me Nicole, Nic, Nicky, Nicole May (May is my middle name), Nicki Minaj, et cetera. I don't know how I got the nickname Nicki Minaj it just happened.

"Sorry sorry." I catch my breath. "But seriously what's his name? That's all I'll ask you until later because I got shit to do." And by shit I mean keep trying to find out information about college.

Back in October I got accepted to my top college choice, University of Connecticut, and also on a basketball scholarship! My family was so proud and we were thankful that Ashton was on Skype call when I got my acceptance letter. It's only a few months until National Signing Day so I have a lot to prepare for.

"His name is Greyson and that's all I'm saying I got to get dressed I'll talk to you tomorrow bye Nic love ya!" And the call ends.

I go back to the Skype home page and scroll to Ian's user. I click on it and wait. He goes to college at Columbia University, also in New York so he sees Connor on occasion, so he's also very far away. I planned on visiting him during my spring break in New York since he will be coming home for his winter break soon.

He didn't answer.

He was probably doing homework or something.

Well the text I got confirmed it.

From: Ian <3 "hey sorry can't skype tonight I have a big test tomorrow. Talk after that. Love you."

To: Ian <3 "don't worry. I got a test tomorrow too. Good luck babe!"

After I sent that text, I get a text from Ashton.

From: big bro Ash "Hey kiddo!"

Wait why is he saying hey kiddo? He never says hey kiddo...

To: big bro Ash "Hey."

From: big bro Ash "How r u???????"

To: big bro Ash "are you drunk? You never text talk when texting anyone."

From: big bro Ash "brb gettin some!'"

I sigh and lie down opening up the Twitter app.

Ever since Ashton and Connor broke up, they've both have been getting out there more. Connor is more calm about it. Ashton has turned into a partier.

Literally the night I had sex with Jackson, he was getting wasted at a party. He arrived back at his dorm completely hungover so I took him out to get nachos for breakfast.

As I scroll through twitter, I catch up on the latest with celebrities, the news, and other things.

"Nicole!" My mom calls up. "Dinner!"

"Coming!" I yell and go downstairs. When I reach the bottom, I see someone I didn't expect in my own house for a while.

Because my older brother is standing in the foyer with his suitcase.

"Ash!" I run over to him and hug him tightly. "You little prick I thought you were at a party!?"

He chuckles. "It was my way of tricking you. I finished all my finals and now I'm home."

I release the hug and look up at him. "I thought you would be staying with your friends and go to Georgia for the Peach Bowl to watch Bama play Washington?"

"I'd rather watch it at home. I barely went to any football games this year." He replies.

One month with Ashton here at home again.

That means soon everyone else will be coming back.

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