Fairly Local

"The world around us is burning, but we're so cold. It's the few, the proud, and the emotional."
A lot of people may think that after my brother graduated high school, all of the issues would be resolved. Ha, like I wish. This is still high school. There have been rumors speculating around now about my class, and most of them are about me. I've cheated on my boyfriend with the most popular guy in our grade, I've had sex with a girl, I've done drugs, I give blowjobs for free, et cetera. Well none of that is true. I've never had sex with a girl. I drink but I don't do drugs. And the only person I give blowjobs to is Ian.
Wait I didn't confirm that the cheating on Ian one isn't true? Well, that's a long story...
(Second book in Problems Series)


7. chapter six

Ian stayed for dinner and then left afterwards in order to escape the wrath of Ashton. Once we finished cleaning up the dishes, I pull out my phone and see I got a text from my teammate Jessica.

From: Jess "hey party at my house tonight you in?"

To: Jess "hell yeah!"

From: Jess "is Ian coming? I heard he was back in town."

To: Jess "nah he's staying home to catch up with his fam. Is Connor back?"

Jessica actually lives next door to the Watson's, even though the only person in that giant house is Connor and her two maids that are practically her mothers.

From: Jess "yeah she just returned this afternoon. I got to see her when I got home from school for release."

To: Jess "that's awesome! So I'm guessing I need to pick up the poison?"

From: Jess "I got it this time. It's gonna be lit tonight! Maybe I'll finally get some."

To: Jess "slow down, cowgirl!"

I chuckle and roll my eyes at the conversation. I go upstairs to my room and begin looking for outfits. It's definitely been a while since I went to a party, but hey I need to have a little fun tonight.

I pulled out an off shoulder floral dress that I bought one day while out with Ann and her sister Michelle, who's a junior, and a pair of sandal wedges and throw them on. I grab a suitcase and throw in pajamas and a change of comfy clothes for tomorrow. Normally when Jess hosts a party and I go, I normally spend the night.

After packing up, I go downstairs and yell to my mom, "Hey I'm spending the night at Jessica's! I did all of my homework! I'll see you tomorrow!" And then I leave. A minute later, my mom pokes her head out a window yelling back, "Stay safe, sweetie! No drinking and driving! Don't talk to strangers!" Yep, that's my mom.

When I arrive at her house, there were only a few people there. Jess, two football players setting up the keg stand, and me.

"Alright so Ryan and Seth are setting up the keg stand, the hard stuff is in the fridge, and I guess that's all at the moment." Jess says as we go upstairs so I can set her things down. "Also I was thinking of inviting Connor over. I mean, since Ashton won't be here and there are bound to be some more college guys here we can help her hook up with one of them and then I can say I did it."

I chuckle. "As much as I love that idea, I don't think that's a good way to get involved in a threesome." Jess had this goal since last year that by the time we graduate high school, she would've had a threesome. I don't know why, but it just does.

"I had to try." She flops onto her bed. "So how are things with Ian?"

I sit next to her. "Things are good. Ashton interrupted our little alone time earlier when I came back from school." I answer.

"I take it you don't miss your brother walking in while you two have sex?"

"Oh he knocked this time and yelled at him to get his dick out of me." I tell her and we just both laugh.

Out of all of the seniors on the basketball team, being me, Jess, and three other girls, Jess and I are the only ones that aren't virgins. Jess lost hers freshman year to a boy she thought she loved but of course she called me the next day saying she was oblivious and regrets it and yeah.

"Hey Jess! Hey Nic! Keg is set up!" We hear someone, I think it was Seth, yell from downstairs. We both groan in sync and get up and head downstairs.


"What kind of beer is this?" My classmate Josh asks me while looking in his red solo cup.

I grab the cup while holding my own and take a quick sniff. Then I grab the can I saw him pour the alcohol out from. "It's a bud. That's expired. Seriously Reichins where did you get this?"

"The fridge in the garage." I sigh.

"The beer for the party is in the coolers outside." Perks of living in California and there's barely snow.

The party has been going on for a little over an hour now and it's only just getting started.

And that was true because when I handed Josh his cup back, I felt a tap on my shoulder and someone say, "Nicole?"

I knew that voice.

I turned around and was now facing my brother's ex-girlfriend.

Not Connor Watson.

Amy Grace.

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