Fairly Local

"The world around us is burning, but we're so cold. It's the few, the proud, and the emotional."
A lot of people may think that after my brother graduated high school, all of the issues would be resolved. Ha, like I wish. This is still high school. There have been rumors speculating around now about my class, and most of them are about me. I've cheated on my boyfriend with the most popular guy in our grade, I've had sex with a girl, I've done drugs, I give blowjobs for free, et cetera. Well none of that is true. I've never had sex with a girl. I drink but I don't do drugs. And the only person I give blowjobs to is Ian.
Wait I didn't confirm that the cheating on Ian one isn't true? Well, that's a long story...
(Second book in Problems Series)


8. chapter seven

"So where are you going to college?" Amy asks me as I'm refilling my cup with a can of bud lite.

"University of Connecticut. I'm going to try and earn a bachelors in sports therapy, but I'm attending on a full basketball scholarship to play there." I answer simply not looking at her as I throw away the can. "Where were you going again?" I ask.

"UCLA." She answered. I didn't realize that there was a brain in her. I mean with the fact that she and Ashton dated all of my freshman year into the summer and then to the beginning of my sophomore year I've always seen her as the stereotypical dumb blonde from all of those cheesy high school movies I watched growing up.

Maybe she's a real life Elle Woods. Yes I've watched Legally Blonde.

"What's your major?"

"Accounting." I was right. She is like a real life Elle Woods. Just that she is not going to Harvard to be a lawyer. "I originally went in as undecided."

"Oh wow." I say tilting my cup back and forth to see the liquid moving.

"So...uhm...how's your brother doing?"

"If you're going to ask if he's open, he is single but I doubt he would want to see you." I straight up answer, but apparently from when I looked up to see the look on her face it wasn't what I thought it would be.

"I wasn't going to ask about his relationships. I was already told he and Connor broke up, but I'm in a committed relationship now." Amy said grabbing my arm. "I'm just asking as a regular person. I haven't talked to him since graduation since he blocked me on Facebook and I get my news from some old high school friends."

I sigh. She did sound like she really wanted to know. "Ash is fine. He's...he's back to the way he was when he and Connor first broke up after he found out about her working at a burlesque club but didn't know the whole story." I answer. "I sometimes wish that I would have my old brother back, but...Connor seems very happy now. I am friends with her still and she seems like she moved on from him."

"Well, I'm sure that he will find a perfect girl, even if it's not Connor." Amy smiles sweetly and patting my head. "I mean, you also found Ian, and I think you're probably going to get married soon."

That is, if I can keep the fact I fucked Ashton's roommate away from him.

"Uhm, I think it's a little too early to think about marriage for me." Unless you're Jackie, who's meeting her boyfriend in Oklahoma and will be proposed to over winter break.

"Oh." Amy goes a bit red and looks down at the counter. Then she looks back up and takes a deep breath. "Well, I'm going to go talk to some people. I'll see you around, Nic?"

Why is she calling me Nic now? I haven't allowed her to call me Nic even since she and Ashton were dating. "Nicole, and maybe, I guess." I say, reminding her that she is still to call me Nicole even though Ashton is single now.

She gives me a quick hug and then heads off. Sometimes that girl can really get on my nerves.

I need to sit down.

I grab my cup and head to Jess' couch and fall onto the cushion. I look around at all of the dancing and people drinking and people making out and other such things.

After taking a quick breath, I take a sip of my drink and lie back into the couch.

Then my eyes close.


"Hello? Nic?"

"Ashton, you need to come to Jessica's house now."

"Connor? How did you get Nic's phone?"

"This is not the time to talk about this get here now!"

"Look I'm not going just to see you again."


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