Fairly Local

"The world around us is burning, but we're so cold. It's the few, the proud, and the emotional."
A lot of people may think that after my brother graduated high school, all of the issues would be resolved. Ha, like I wish. This is still high school. There have been rumors speculating around now about my class, and most of them are about me. I've cheated on my boyfriend with the most popular guy in our grade, I've had sex with a girl, I've done drugs, I give blowjobs for free, et cetera. Well none of that is true. I've never had sex with a girl. I drink but I don't do drugs. And the only person I give blowjobs to is Ian.
Wait I didn't confirm that the cheating on Ian one isn't true? Well, that's a long story...
(Second book in Problems Series)


5. chapter four

I tap my pencil on the table of the lecture hall in my government classroom. I only have to write one more sentence for this damn essay and I don't know what to write.

Can't I just write fuck this shit I'm out? Yeah nice.

Okay just write your first idea, Nicole.

I write down my final sentence and head back to my seat and wait for the class to end. I can't even have my phone out so until Mr. Henry says we can have them out I just rest my head on the table.

Ian texted me saying his last final is actually today so he's returning sometime this weekend. I just haven't been given a set time.

After a few minutes, I hear the bell ring and I grab my books leaving the class and head to Fredners English class. But first I wait for my friend Jackie, who's in both my government and English class.

"How do you think you did on the test?" I ask her as we walk down the halls. She shrugs.

"Eh I did alright." She answers.

"Same." I add on as we continue to talk about the test and the class and such. We get to our English class and I take my seat in the front row and she goes to the back.

When my other friend Rachel enters, she takes her seat behind me and I turn to her holding my phone because Ian texted me during my test. "So Ian is coming back tonight he just told me!" I tell her.

"That's great." She states and she talks about her usual thing as we log onto computers since we had papers due next week.


After school I had a quick practice, and I told my coach that Ashton was stopping by for practice. Coach Cahill almost turned white because she had Ashton for junior year chemistry class and she hated him so much.

Of course when Ash showed up, she was able to stay calm.

"Ashton Irwin. Long time no see." Cahill said shaking his head.

"Miss Cahill, it's been a while. How are you?" He asks.

"I've been well. How's college? You are going to college right?" That almost got Ash a bit.

"I am. Going to University of Alabama for economics. Roll Tide."

Sometimes I really hate that my teachers who also had Ashton think he didn't pass high school when he did. He might've not had the best GPA, but he had a 2.9 GPA and passed while I have a 3.9 GPA almost a 4.0 GPA.

I take a deep breath and take a basketball and practice begins.


I pull into the driveway and sigh. Practice was rough and just the fact that Coach Cahill was making fun of Ashton for not being smart nearly hurt me so I couldn't really focus. I know I'm going to UConn next fall for basketball, but no one hurts my family, even if it's my brother.

Getting out of my car, I grab my bag and walk into my garage and inside my house.

"Hey Nic." My mom greets me and I just greet her with a huff. "Rough day?" I nod. She hands me a piece of chocolate cake, something she does whenever I have a bad practice. "What happened?"

I tell her about Ashton showing up and what my coach said to him. "Well, people really underestimated him. But look at him now, being one of the top ten percent in his class even though he parties every weekend and hooks up with girls every other week." That earned a chuckle from me. "But I think you should go upstairs and see something. Or someone."

Shit I forgot Ian was going to be home tonight.

I didn't know he would be here now.

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