Fairly Local

"The world around us is burning, but we're so cold. It's the few, the proud, and the emotional."
A lot of people may think that after my brother graduated high school, all of the issues would be resolved. Ha, like I wish. This is still high school. There have been rumors speculating around now about my class, and most of them are about me. I've cheated on my boyfriend with the most popular guy in our grade, I've had sex with a girl, I've done drugs, I give blowjobs for free, et cetera. Well none of that is true. I've never had sex with a girl. I drink but I don't do drugs. And the only person I give blowjobs to is Ian.
Wait I didn't confirm that the cheating on Ian one isn't true? Well, that's a long story...
(Second book in Problems Series)


6. chapter five

When I got up to my room and saw Ian in there, the first thing that came out of my mouth was "I'm not in the mood practice was shitty." Which is code for "I really don't want to have sex right now I really did have a shitty practice today."

He understood so now we're just cuddling under my covers watching The Crown.

"So how bad was practice?" He asks breaking the silence just as Elizabeth was receiving news that her father is now dead.

"Well Ashton stopped by, and of course Miss Cahill is my coach." He nods showing he's understanding me. "Well Coach Cahill walked over to Ash just as I was by him and was all of the sudden shocked at the fact that he's actually in college. Like he's actually doing fairly well considering the amount of partying he is doing."

It's true. While Ash goes to too many parties every other weekend, he's maintaining a great GPA and was almost on the Dean's list for the fall semester. At least that's what he told me.

"Well people have underestimated him in the past and just can't seem to come to the present. Their heads are just stuck in the damn past when they see him." He plays with my hair as I sigh.

"You're right." There's then a knock on my door. "Come in!"

Opening the door and standing in the doorway was my dad. "Your mother and I weren't hearing things and I just came up to see if you were okay." I go red and hide under the covers.

My parents have gotten so used to when their two children are fucking in their house that if they don't hear anything when one's significant other or catch of the day is here, they think we're dead.

"I take it that you two are." Dad states.

"We are, Mr. Irwin. Just talking about life. We do do that also." Ian says.

"You can leave now dad I had to pause Netflix because of you!" I get out from under the covers as he closes the door behind him. I look up at Ian. "I still wonder how you miraculously survived two years of dating me when I have a family like this."

He shrugs. "I'm quick when it comes to adapting." He answers kissing the top of my head earning a chuckle from me. "I do love you, you know that?"

I nod. "I know. I love you too." I scoot up and cup his cheek kissing him with a smile plastered on my face. He kisses me back wrapping his arms around my waist to keep me closer. After about a minute, he slips his tongue past my mouth and starts rubbing my back. Suddenly, he rolls over as he settles on top of me and begins kissing down my jawline to my neck, sucking on my sweet spot causing a moan to escape.

"Ian...we can continue...I feel better now..." I pant slowly inching up his shirt. He sits up and throws his shirt off, sort of showing that he understood what I meant. He takes off my shirt, leaving me in my sports bra and shorts.

Those soon were gone along with my underwear and his pants and boxers.

He nibbles on my earlobe whispering, "You know your brother is home, right?"

Ugh screw Ashton.

I don't care if I said that out loud because Ian then lets out a low chuckle as he grabs one of the condoms that we had stashed in my nightside drawer and slips it on.

We only had a good few minutes of us time having sex until my brother knocks on my door interrupting us.

Literally, Ashton knocked on my door yelling, "GET YOUR DICK OUT OF MY LITTLE SISTER NOW!"

I also may have accidentally bite Ian's lips and breaking skin, too. Great job, self.

"Ashton I'm eighteen leave me alone!" I yell from my bed.

"Not until you answer this door so I can know you two aren't fucking!" The language and things my parents allow a college sophomore and a high school senior to say and do.

Ian slides his member out of me and rolls off of me also allowing me to get up, while wrapping a blanket around my body, and unlocking my door and opening it slightly. "There. I'm not doing anything. Happy?"

"If Ian's staying for the weekend, then no I'm not yet. If he's not then yes I am." Sometimes my brother can be a big pain in my ass whenever he's home.

I look over at Ian and ask, "Are you planning on staying the weekend?" He shook his head no. I sigh and turn back to Ashton. "Then I guess you'll be happy." I slam the door in his face and go back to Ian taking the blanket off so I'm totally naked again.

"So where were we?"

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