Spongebob Squarepants - The Secret Formula

Mr Krabs' Secret Formula has been stolen numerous times by his arch rival Plankton, but he always gets it back. But will he get it back this time?
For the AU Competition


3. Chapter 3

The following day, Spongebob raced back to work ready to flip those patties. He grabbed the patties from the freezer and flipped them as orders came through. However, there was an unusual smell rising from the patties.

"What is the horrible smell? Maybe I didn't clean myself enough today, you know what they say, a sponge has got to be his cleanest!" Spongebob giggled and continued making orders. 

"What am I eating!"

"This tastes revolting!"

"Nothing like a Krabby patty!" 

Customers complained about the patties, leaving the restaurant immediately. 
"Wait, what happend, where are you going!" Mr Krabs was petrified and tried to rush the customers back in.

"These don't taste like krabby patties, they taste horrible! Before you try to get all our money why don't you check if your patties are actually ANY good! We're heading over to the Chum Bucket, we heard they have better food there!" One customer shouted then stormed out the door.

"Oh Spongebob, why! What is wrong with the krabby patties! Can you whip me up a patty and I'll taste it myself!" Mr Krabs ordered Spongebob. 


So Spongebob grabbed one of the unusual patties, flipped them over the grill and placed it in the bun. Mr Krabs took one bite of it and his eyes flushed out. "My boy, what did you put in these!" Mr Krabs was shocked. Shocked 

"I thought changed up the formula and added chum so I followed your instructions," Spongebob replied.

"Me? Adding chum? Boyo, give me the formula I'll look at it!" Mr Krabs was still in shock. Spongebob handed him the Formula scroll.

Mr  Krabs' eyes nearly popped out at the sight of the formula. "Someone has messed with this formula! It could be none other than Plankton himself! That explains why they have stolen all my customers! My paying customers!" 

"Mr Krabs, I will go  to the chum bucket and retrieve the formula! No matter what it takes!" Spongebob was very confident. 

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