Spongebob Squarepants - The Secret Formula

Mr Krabs' Secret Formula has been stolen numerous times by his arch rival Plankton, but he always gets it back. But will he get it back this time?
For the AU Competition


2. Chapter 2

Spongebob took the secret formula out of the safe and placed it on Mr Krabs desk. "I am not getting my eye off you mister!" Spongebob kept his eyes on the formula until suddenly, he realised his shoe lace was untied. 

"Oh dear, I must not let my shoes get in the way of my wonderful job!" He bent down to tie his shoes, but that would be the worst mistake of his life (after not tying his shoes up properly of course!). When he bent back up, he looked at the table and a glass bottle was there, but appeared differently to the Krabby patty formula. Spongebob didn't care though, he didn't have a good eye. Spongebob finished dusting off the safe and placed the bottle gently back in, slamming the door shut afterwards. 

"Mr Krabs the safe is all clean!" He told Mr Krabs in the kitchen. 

"Good job boyo, now are you sure the krabby patty formula is there, safe and sound?" Mr Krabs questioned.

"Of course it is, I never let my eye off anythi- Oh look, my other shoe lace is untied!" Spongebob bent back down to tie his other shoelace. Mr Krabs sighed and went back to his office. 

Spongebob continued to make patties, roll patties and flip patties until the end of the work day. He realised there was limited supply of krabby patties left so he'd need to make a new batch for tomorrow.

"It's closing time boy," Mr Krabs said to Spongebob as he shut his office door.

"Oh Mr Krabs, could I stay a little longer and just make a new batch of krabby patties ready for tomorrow? We seem to be out of it so fast! I will close up shop," Spongebob eagerly volunteered. 

Spongebob went over to the safe in Mr Krabs' office and took out of the scroll of paper that contained the ingredients for the patties. It was only then, that Spongebob realised something wasn't right. 

"Oh right, I forgot to play some Goofy Goober tunes while making these patties!" Spongebob pushed play on the radio and sung away. Following the recipe on the scroll of paper seemed to be too much of a breeze for the Sponge, normally it would be more detailed.

"One bucket of chum mixed with some liquid chum," Spongebob read out from the recipe. "I don't remember using chum in krabby patties..maybe Mr Krab's added it in for extra flavour! Whatever the big boss says, I'll follow!" He added in the chum and mixed everything together, rolled out the patties and stored them in the freezer for the following day. 

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