Times Ticking

Daisy and Daniel have been through a lot together in lives unknown to any other human from their time. After losing 4 friends to the hands of time meddling Trinia, the two attempt to readjust to an average lifestyle. This is proving difficult for them having seen and experienced things that others could only be able to witness in nightmares.

However their plans to settle down are thrown out the window when they discover that a friend has been deleted from time. They set about trying to find out how this is possible and if it can be fixed when a message arrives from an old friend.

(This is the sequel to there's no time. You won't understand this story if you haven't read the previous one)


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"No that can't be right," said an exasperated girl. She was sitting at her godmothers kitchen table with a large display of rough paper in front of her. The tattered sheets were covered with pencil sketches and scrawling writing. Daisy had uncontrollable, brown curls that covered part of her face. She rolled her large grey eyes up towards the ceiling. "I don't understand!" Throwing up her arms, she leant back in her chair, defeated.

"I know it's complicated, but will you please just listen?" Standing next to her, a tall boy stood leaning over the table with his hands planted firmly on two piles of the many pieces of paper. His highly defined face was screwed up with concentration as he stared at his girlfriend.

She took in a deep breath then looked Daniel in the eye to show that she was listening.

"Ok," he said running his hands through his short, brown hair. "No one knows him, we've asked everyone in the village. Vanessa didn't have a child called Jacob. He just doesn't exist." Cautiously he looked up from the notes splattered across the paper. Daisy had sat up straighter and opened her mouth to object but Daniel flashed her a warning look. Holding out his hand, he silenced her. Daisy folded her arms as she fell back in her seat again. Daniel inhaled slowly. Daisy was refusing to accept that we were the only ones that knew about Jacob.

"Whatever Trinia was trying to do, she has somehow managed to delete him from time itself." Daisy slumped forward with her head in her arms. The mere memory of her 'sister' made her want to be sick. Daisy had only discovered that she had an older sister a couple of weeks ago. She had learnt that they had lived two lives together. One in the past, one in the future. Trinia is a time meddler and has built a time machine. At first Daniel and Daisy thought that Trinia was wrecking their lives for fun, but they can see now, that it's something a whole lot bigger than that. She's gone as far as actually deleting someone from time, their best friend Jacob was gone.

Daisy had been crying for days on end. Daniel hadn't been doing too well himself either, but he was trying his best to help her, as always. Recently he'd moved into Daisy's house because her god mother was away so much and Daniel just couldn't cope with his reclusive and violent brother. But now they needed a plan. They couldn't go on much longer in this state of depression. Having seen some scarring things, they need answers. What had Trinia done? Not just with Jacob, but with Tarrin, Will, and Christopher. Oh lord not again, Christopher. They would slowly sink back into grief.

There where so many loose ends, so many needed answers. But no matter what they tried, who they asked, or where they went, they couldn't find any. Their families noticed their depression. They concluded that it was Christopher's disappearance, and Daniel and Daisy went along with it. Weeks and weeks went by, nothing but dead ends. Until one and a half months later, on a Friday afternoon.

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