Slave for Him! (J. Nixon Fanfic)

A girl wants a guy to love her and so what she does!
But all of the information that she knows is what this guy she's looking for needs to know!
She's dark dangerous and a freak in the sheets!

Will she find her man?

Read to find out!


3. The Surprise

It's March 8,2017. I was in my chemistry class. That's when someone knocked on my classroom door. I looked at the personals they looked extremely familiar.

Then my stupid teacher said:

"Sirena, please stand up!"

So I stood up snd moved away from my desk and the person walked in and it was Jordan. I couldn't believe that he was actually here. I looked down and I just covered my mouth and I was gonna cry. But then I ran to him and I hugged him. Everybody in my class looked at me and him hugging and took pictures and videos and I just couldn't believe it was actually him. When I let go people were video taping and taking a lot of pictures. Then I looked at Jordan again and he grabbed my face and he kissed me. So many people got pictures and my phone was blowing up with messages and snapchats because people were sending me all of the videos and pictures they took and saw.

Then my teacher got a call from the history room and said it was for me and my best friend was on the phone. So I answered it.


"Is that Daddy?! And I'm coming to your room right now!?" She said.

"Yes it is and hurry." I said and we hung up the phone.

She ran to my class and when she walked in she said oh hey to Jordan and then she looked at me and said damn.

I couldn't believe that he was here and everybody saw it happen. Then Jordan asked me the best question ever for me and my best friend.

"Do u want to go home and we can hang out at my house if u want!? Well it's my cousin house but we can go there!"

"Um yeah I have to text my mom and ask her though!"

"Oh your mom said yes I went to her school too and asked if I could talk u home."

"Oh ok but what about my best friend."

"Oh yeah she can come to because your mom texted her and got her dads number so she's allowed too!!" Jordan said.

"Damn ur good!" I said biting my lip. Got my stuff and then went to get my best friends stuff go to my locker and then signed out.

Then we went and got my best friends boyfriend. And then went to Jordan's cousins house!!

What will happen next?!

What will he do?

What will he try to do?!

What will I say?!

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