Slave for Him! (J. Nixon Fanfic)

A girl wants a guy to love her and so what she does!
But all of the information that she knows is what this guy she's looking for needs to know!
She's dark dangerous and a freak in the sheets!

Will she find her man?

Read to find out!


2. The Beginning

Me and Jordan started to talk after about a month when I sent him a message. But messaging him was s big mistake but it ended up being amazing! Now I just can't being to explain.

So me and Jordan began to talk and it was amazing!! I just couldn't believe that somebody I actually liked was talking to me and he's kind of famous. So I was gonna do some catfish research but I didn't. So all I did was talk to him lik I talk to my everyday friends.

I decided to asked him a serious question one day and that was when everything in mind changed for ever and when our relationship was different.

What was the question?

What was his answer?!

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