Slave for Him! (J. Nixon Fanfic)

A girl wants a guy to love her and so what she does!
But all of the information that she knows is what this guy she's looking for needs to know!
She's dark dangerous and a freak in the sheets!

Will she find her man?

Read to find out!


9. Relaxing

Me and Jordan were still at his "cousins" house. So we went upstairs to his room and we just walked in. I thought Jordan was gonna turn me around and kiss me and say let's fuck. But no he turned me around and hugged me.

I didn't want to let go. Because being in his arms is like heaven for me. I love Jordan and even though we've said it to each other over the phone. I need to tell him and show him that I'm telling the honest truth. Now, I couldn't question him right now because we were both really tired. So we decided to just lay on the bed and look at each other.

And I'm telling you looking at Jordan and being able to grouch him and be in his arms in person is so much better then over the phone.

When Jordan looked me in the eyes and kissed me I feel for him all over again. And I couldn't believe that guy I've been talking to for the past 2 years is here and he's my boyfriend and I'm his girlfriend and we are in the same bed as each other not 1,0000 miles away. But you know I always have told Jordan I loved him and I need to tell him and be able to show him how much I truest love him.

I love Jordan and he's my everything. Es the reason I'm not gone and I'm still here!!

What will I do tomorrow?

Will I question Jordan?

Will I just stay quiet and let it go for a while?!

I guess we're gonna find out!

Sorry for the short chapter guys!!

I'll write more soon!!

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