Slave for Him! (J. Nixon Fanfic)

A girl wants a guy to love her and so what she does!
But all of the information that she knows is what this guy she's looking for needs to know!
She's dark dangerous and a freak in the sheets!

Will she find her man?

Read to find out!


1. It started on IG

Hi my name is Sirena. I'm a girl from New Jersey and I do YouTube videos sometimes and live broadcasts and I like to sing. But one day I found this guy on a singing page on Instagram and I fell in love with him and his voice. So I started to follow him on everything social media wise.

So I'm that kind of girl when I see something I like I put it on snapchat and I added him on snapchat. By the way he sings does to then videos live broadcasts and he's just so amazing.

Anyways his name is Jordan Nixon. He is an amazing guy and he's so ughhhhhh I love him so much. So me and him started to talk but when and how!

When did we start talking?

Why did we start talking?

What hasn't he disappeared from me yet?

What will happened with us?

Read to find out!!

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