Slave for Him! (J. Nixon Fanfic)

A girl wants a guy to love her and so what she does!
But all of the information that she knows is what this guy she's looking for needs to know!
She's dark dangerous and a freak in the sheets!

Will she find her man?

Read to find out!


8. Daddy Yes

Jordan came up to me and he grabbed my hand and brought me to his car in the garage!

"Why are me here?" I questioned.

"My lady!" He said and opened his car door.

"Can we in here?" Jordan said.

"We literally just did Babe!!" I said.

"So what? Please baby please!"

Fine I just agreed.

He started to suck on my neck.

He then took my shirt off then his came off.

He pulled my underwear down since I had a skirt on. Then he unzipped his pants. He then entered me. (He had a condom on)

"OMG yes daddy yes fuck me daddy yea!" I screamed.

I tried to keep it low though!

"Yeah baby u like that yeah!" He said and kissed my neck.

"Daddy i love u so fuxking much. Fuck me harder daddy I want your dick yes daddy yes! Fuck me!" I screamed.

"Baby yes I'm gonna cum baby I'm gonna cum!" He moaned.

We were done and we laid there and made out for a few minutes. Then put our clothes back on and went back to the party!!

I couldn't believe me and Jordan just did it in a car! I mean it was kind of tight but if was amazing. I love Jordan but I'm telling u if he says I don't like my anymore if I say no to sex I will be so fucking mad!

What will happen?

Will Sirena talk to Jordan about everything?

What will she do

What will Jordan say to Sirena?

Find out next!

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