My Story

This is about my life currently.


37. Why?

Was he just using me?

Was he using me to fill a void,

That I could no longer fill?

Was I just a game to him?

How could he leave so easily?

How could he toss me away so easily?

How could he do this to me?

How could he say he loves me?

Will there be another girl?

Did he ever care?

Did he really love me?

What was the reason he really left?

Can I ever find someone,

I love just as much?

When will I get over him?

How can I move on?

Why did I put so much,

Time and effort into him?

Why did I believe this,

Would really work?

Why did this turn out like,

Every other relationship I've had?

Why did I go through with this?

Why did I say yes?



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