My Story

This is about my life currently.


28. We Just Want Love.

I lay down,

In my bed.

I've been going,



And now I'm gone.

It's hard 

Losing someone you love.

But I love her,

And she wants to be let go,

So I let her go.

Everything piles up at that moment.

The loneliness,

The missing,

The pain,

The anger.

The rates.

The hates.

The heartbreaks.

The labels.

And a single tear falls.

I always feel lonely,

Even when I'm not.

I miss my family,

But they hate me.

I'm always angry because life,

Hurts me.

People rate me,

And laugh about rating me low.

People hate me,

And I do nothing to them.

They shatter my heart,

When I gave it to them all the way.

I'm labeled as a residential kid.

A foster kid.

And to everyone we're the same.

Evil, troublesome kids,

The deserve to locked away.

But we just want love.

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