My Story

This is about my life currently.


4. Hate This Town.

Hate this town.

Hate these places.

Starting to hate these faces.

Small town.

Small minds.

All these f***ers blind.

Always screwed up on the bus like this.

I can never trust these f***ers when they're like this.

They tear me down.

I fall and hit the ground.

I wander about.

But there's no way out.

All these people are ignited.

I just want some silence.

Hate this town.

Hate these places.

Trying to break outta of these cases.

Big town.

Big egos.

And nobody is kind.

They always run the show like this.

I don't really know who I know when they're like this.

They trample the town.

I'll always have doubts

They'll always find out.

I'm all alone.

Just trying to find a home.

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