Best friends not forever

Warning:This book is just a fan fiction so please do not take this too seriously because I did this for fans like me who loves Normani and Camila in fifth harmony and just the whole group itself. Also this book will have some mature language and a little bit of racial slurs, so don't take it too personally. But anyway, I hope you enjoy this book and please comment what I should improve on! Now enough talking, let the story begin! #Harmonizers lovers


1. Chapter 2


Chapter 2

  “Aw!  After the long bus ride, we finally made it to New York City, just in time for our live radio interview with the one and only Jerry Stewart.

“Hello and welcome back to Z100 New York’s #1 music station!  Today we have two very special guests here!  You may know,not know,love,or even hate them….please welcome….Normani Hamilton and Camila Cabello!”  Jerry said as me and Camila walked in the radio room and sat down as we got ready for our interview.

“Thx for having us today Jerry!”  Camila said with a big grin on her face.

“So I hear that you guys are performing a new song you guys have been working on!?”  Jerry asked with excitement.

“Yes we have!  We have been working on it for awhile now!”  Camila said.

“Yea, it’s called “Boss.”  We will be performing it here in Time Square!”  I said.

“Oh wow!  I’m sure that all of us will be there!  Anyway Camila, me and my crew have heard the song and you sounded so great!”  Jerry said.

Why thank you! I do have to say, I do sing better than anyone!”  Camila said as she flicked her long hair.  At that moment, I felt something in me…..jealousy and anger.

“Um….What about me?”  I said with a kinda confident tone.

“You sing good I guess…” Camila said.

“Oh!  So  I just sing good to you?  Well, you sing terrible!”  I said as my voice got loud.

“Um...well everyone,we will be right back after this short break”  Jerry said in a awkward tone as he turned the radio off.

“You're just mad because it’s true!”Camila said with a mad tone

“I’m not mad, I just wonder why you're a complete bitch!” I said as I was sweating from yelling.

“Shut the fuck up Normani!!!!” Camila yelled as she got louder.

“You know what! Fuck you, you little mexican bitch!” I yelled.  I was so mad, my body was so hot with anger!  And before I knew it, I stormed out of there like there was no tomorrow.




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