Beginning to End (Larry Stylinson)

Harry Styles, the soon to be Alpha of the Styles pack, his one problem being that, well he can’t find a mate. However, when a new family moves in, he can’t help but try to mate the new male omega.
Louis Tomlinson, rough beginning, rough life, but who knows maybe moving to Cheshire will lighten up his life and he’ll get rid of his fear of Alphas. He only hopes him, his mum and his sisters will be accepted into the new pack.


1. Prologue

The Styles pack and the Tomlinson pack could not be any more different. The Styles pack were understanding, warm and kind to everyone, their bond as a pack was strong and nothing could deter them. They had found their peace and harmony. The Tomlinson pack, however, were far from that, they were rough, stereotypical and still living in the medieval ages. They valued alphas and they saw an alpha as the one that did no wrong. Omegas, however, were seen as weak, helpless and only there to care for an alpha and bear his pups. If you were an omega you were looked down upon, especially if you were a male omega, you were basically shunned out of the pack if you were a male omega.

The Styles pack welcomed its first baby boy on the 1st of February, 1999; he was called Harry Edward Styles, a true heir to the pack. His father swore on his life that no matter what he grows up to be, alpha or omega, he’ll always have a place in his heart. He’d teach him the ways of an alpha or an omega, how to respect your mate properly.  His mother swore to protect him and never let anything bad happen to him.

The Tomlinson pack welcomed its first baby boy on the 24th of December, 2000; he was called Louis William Tomlinson, a small baby indeed. His father swore that if he did not grow to be an alpha, he would… well it would not be pretty, for he believed a boy should always be more powerful and that means a boy should always be an alpha. His mother swore that if he was an omega, she will leave, take her son and move far away to a pack that will accept her boy.

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