Beginning to End (Larry Stylinson)

Harry Styles, the soon to be Alpha of the Styles pack, his one problem being that, well he can’t find a mate. However, when a new family moves in, he can’t help but try to mate the new male omega.
Louis Tomlinson, rough beginning, rough life, but who knows maybe moving to Cheshire will lighten up his life and he’ll get rid of his fear of Alphas. He only hopes him, his mum and his sisters will be accepted into the new pack.


2. First Encounters


Ages: Harry-6, Louis-4

Harry POV:

I laugh as I escape my dad, ducking behind the couch and my laughing mum. Trying my hardest to avoid dad’s fingers as he tries to tickle me. “Stop” I say, laughing as he catches me. He finally lets me go, allowing me to catch my breath, I hear more people enter, I guess it’s time for me to leave for their meeting. Can’t wait until I’m old enough to stay in the room and know what’s happening in the pack, but that will only happen when I present.

My dad says that when I’m old enough, I will grow into an adult; however, I get confused sometimes. Mum and dad are both adults but they are completely different at the same time. Mum is smaller than dad and she says she’s an omega. But dad is big and strong and he calls himself an alpha. I don’t get it, what’s the difference, is mum an omega because she is small and dad an alpha because he is big? At school I hear the older kids that are about to move up to high school saying that they are presenting soon and they say if they want to be an alpha or an omega. Guess I will find out later.

“Hey Harry” I hear someone say, I turn around and see my 3 best friends, Liam, Niall and Zayn. Me, Liam and Zayn are all roughly the same height but Niall is smaller than us, I wonder what he will be.

“Hey guys” I say. We all look so different, Liam has wavy brown hair and puppy dog brown eye, Zayn has these golden eyes and pitch black hair, Niall had blue eyes and brown hair like Liam but he says he doesn’t like it, and I have curly brown hair and green eyes. The boys all wonder why I don’t brush my hair that often, but one day I did brush my hair before school and I had this massive afro the whole day, I swore to never brush it unless I’m not going anywhere, or it’s late at night.

“Harry, I heard that the pack was having an important meeting today, like everyone in the pack will be there” Zayn said. We make our way down to the park, getting there we all head to our little hang out spot right at the back of the park.

“Yeah, there is but we must wait for dad to finish his meeting first, I wonder what mum does during those meetings” I said

“Probably sits down and listens as the packs omega, she does have an important role” Liam said, him being the smartest one in the group.

“Wait Liam, clear something up for me the alpha runs the pack and like makes all final decisions but the omega also has the final say? How does that even work?” Niall said, always being the most curious of the group.

“Well an alpha always has the final decision no matter what as he is the more dominant leader of the pack. But the omega will always have a say in that decision as well she is one of the leaders, also it is a sign of respect for an alpha to take into account his omegas opinions and thoughts when he makes decisions” Liam said.

“Oh so that’s why dad always looks at mum when he’s deciding stuff” I say. The others laugh at me, and I stick my tongue out at them. “Let’s head down to the pack meeting area I’m sure we will need to be there soon” as I say that we head back to the pack house for the meeting. When we get there most of the pack is there and my dad is about to step to the podium to speak, when he gets there we all quiet down in respect.

“Good morning everyone,” dad says, a chorus of ‘good morning alpha’ echoes throughout the hall, “It has come to my attention that the Tomlinson pack will be moving through here, to get back to their home. They will stay the night and I implore you do not mess around with them; do not speak without being spoken to if you are an omega. Most importantly, while they are here, if you are a male omega do not leave your house. I understand the children will want to go out but do not let them without supervision. We all have heard of the horrors that pack can bring, and the horrors in that pack itself. This will be happening in two days, again I warn you be very weary of what you do around this pack” with that said he steps of the podium and goes to the back with my mum.

I look at the boys, and we all seem to be thinking the same thing, ‘what was he talking about?’

Later that night, I bring it up with my dad, “dad what did you mean about the Tomlinson pack? How do they have horrors?”

“Son, they think very different to us,” he seems to think for a moment before continuing, “remember when I told you about what it was like when grandma and grandpa were growing up. How people didn’t quite understand that omegas were prized and should be treated equal? Especially the male omegas?”

“Yes dad but everything has changed since then, you know this”

“Yes son, but they do not know that, they still live in those times and they believe that children and omegas do not belong on the street they belong in the house, for the children they are not allowed on the street until they are at least 12 years of age” when he says this I can’t help but feel a sense of dread, that would be a horrible life.

Louis POV:

“WAKE UP YOU STUPID BOY” I hear my father yell. Todays the day we move into the styles pack for the night. I’m scared I haven’t heard anything about them other then they are scary and they are the worst pack in the world.

When we get there all I can think is, oh my god there is so much colour here, look at that park so many children playing. “See boy, I told you look at them letting their kids out of sight look at those four boys at the back, completely alone, the worst sort and I’m sure that is Styles’ kid right there as well, how could he be so stupid to let him out at the age of 6 as well. You will never be allowed to do that until you are 12 and depending what you present as, which will hopefully be alpha, you won’t be allowed out ever again” father said.

Even at my young age of 4, I understood the roles of alphas and omegas. An alphas role is to be dominant and make all the decisions in the pack, he will be strong and make himself bigger than the omega. An omegas role is to be submissive and take care of the alpha and bears his pups; she will do the housework and will not talk back. Father always said that if you were somehow a male omega, then you were a freak of nature and should never show their face to the public. I have watched as he has kicked male omegas out of the pack that have come out of their house for food. The worst I believe was when an alpha mated a male omega, they were sentenced to imprisonment, and as far as the pack knew they were not only banished but now they are 6 feet underground.

I remember once I had heard mum and father talking about me…


3-year-old Louis stands at his parent’s door wanting his mum after a frightful nightmare, he manages to catch their conversation.

“Alpha, I don’t understand he is your son what does it matter if he becomes an omega?” I hear my mum say in a small voice, she never speaks.

“I have told you this before; my son will not be a weak omega that is only good for reproducing. He will not be a freak of nature” he all but yells at her.

Louis goes back to his room after hearing that. Would his father really hate him that much if he was an alpha?


Ever since I heard that conversation I have tried to show more alpha qualities, being more confident when I speak, how I holds myself and most importantly making myself look taller and not as submissive. I look up only to see that we are at the Styles pack house, I see the 4 boys from earlier rush into the house as we pull up. They look happy, they are laughing, I wonder what that’s like.

“Louis, get up we are here, make yourself presentable boy, I will not be disgraced and embarrassed because of you” I hear father say.

As we approach the doors I hear laughter and boys talking, we walk in and I see them in Alpha Styles office mucking around. The boy with curly hair turns around and sees my father, mum and me walk in, he gets a scared look on his face and gently nudges his friends. They all bow to my father, in respect I presume. “Mr., Tomlinson and family, my dad will be in shortly to talk to you, I will tell him of your arrival, please take a seat would you like me to take your son out to the child’s part of the house?” the curly one said.

I look up at my father he seems surprised that a boy is talking to him, “that would be nice, boy, but I have to ask who gave you permission to speak to a full grown alpha?” he sneers at him.

I see the boy try to hide his fear, as he says “Sir, my dad told me that if you were to arrive before he was to return from putting mum into bed as she is quite sick that I was to welcome you and tell him you had arrived, also to offer to take care of your son, as that is what respect is”

“Well then, take my child and tell your father of my arrival, but I will be speaking to him about your behavior” he says, shoving me into the boy with puppy dog eyes. Curly nods and leads us out of the room, all of them have their heads bowed as the pass him. We walk down a passage and into a room.

“Momma, how are you feeling? Dad the Tomlinson’s have arrived… I welcomed them and said I tell you of their arrival as that’s usually what I do, I’m very sorry I forgot about your warning but I did say you told me to do that so that it wasn’t as bad for you” curly says to his father, I expect him to hit him or punish him like what my father does to me.

He doesn’t though, he smiles and turns to his son and says, “Harry, it is quite alright, you have nothing to be sorry for I taught you to do that in respect and that’s what you did, thank you son for that. I shall go immediately, please remember boys, do not go outside whatever you do stay inside at all times” the 4 boys nod their head and turn to go outside the room, curly or ‘Harry’ gives his father and mum one last hug before he to leaves, taking my hand to take me with him.

“So, what’s your name?” they all turn to me as Harry asks. I look in fear; I am not used to anyone speaking directly to me. “You can talk you know, we do not mind, in fact we prefer for people to talk reminds us that we are all equals. How about this we will tell you our names might help you be more confident to speak around us. I’m Harry, that one with the brown eyes that can remind us of a puppy dog is Liam,” Liam gives a shocked noise, that has slight disbelief as he looks at harry, I giggle a little at that, Harry looks happy at that, “the blue eyed one is Niall, and that one looking at his reflection is Zayn, never looks away from his reflection really”

I let out a little laugh Zayn basically tackles Harry to the ground. I hear Harry call Mercy, and Zayn lets him go laughing, I have never seen a pack like this before. They all look at me, oh yeah, my name, “I am Louis”

“Louis, that’s a cute name, for a cute boy” Harry says, I blush, wait why am I blushing. Around us I can hear the boys cooing and shouting that Harry has a crush. This makes me blush more for some reason. “Oh, sod off, I was just saying the truth, Louis what do you think you are going to be when you’re older? Everyone says I’m going to be an alpha; dad and mum do not really care about that though as long as I am happy. You look like you are going to be an omega like Niall, you guys are both really small.”

I stare at him in shock looking around to make sure no one else is around, “how can you be so honest about those things? Are you not aware that male omegas are freaks of nature? At least that’s what father says” I say to him. After I say this, they look at each other, and seeming to have a wordless conversation they nod to each other. Harry looks at me then starts walking, guess I better follow him. We walk down a hallway, and turn into a marvelous room. I look around and see it has a double bed pushed against one wall towards the back, a desk filled with books and in other corner I see 4 bean bags. The boys walk towards the bean bags as I marvel the rooms interior, as I join them I realise there is nowhere for me to sit. As I go to sit on the floor, I feel hands go under my armpits and lift me up into someone’s lap.

“Sorry Lou, I’m used to only having 3 guests, hope my lap is enough,” I hear Harry laugh at the last part, “now we have some explaining to do I guess, about our pack, we will have time considering the meeting will take a while. Our pack is much different from yours, as you can tell. In our pack, everyone is treated equal and omegas are put basically on a pedestal for alphas. In our pack, omegas are treated how they should be with respect and honor, because, well, they did bring us into the world, without them there would be no us they have complete power over an alpha. I’ve heard in your pack, that omegas are not let in on any pack matters, well in our pack, the pack alpha must consult his omega in any decision made no matter what. You asked before how I was so confident talking about male omegas in the middle of a corridor, well that’s because, in our pack, male omegas are precious. To be honest, if I find out my mates a male omega I’ll be over the moon, showing them off to everyone” he says, looking at the other three boys that nod their heads agreeing with Harry.

I’m in shock, if that’s how this pack is, and how every other pack seems to be, why is mine living so differently.

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