The Fox demon

"You don't deserve this, you're no ones pet"


1. the fox demon

"Ladies and gentlemen..." I focused my attention to the ring master in front of me. It's horrible how they have all these animals caged up and having them do all these crazy things for people's entertainment. "...the fox demon!!!" A fox demon? This should be interesting. I'm pretty sure it's just a fox decorated in a way to look like a demon. I laugh at the thought shaking my head "wow she's hot" I rolled my eyes at my friend Kevin- wait, did he say SHE'S hot "you think the fox is hot that's just gross and how do you know it's a girl?" "If you were paying attention instead of staring out into space. Maybe you would have heard what he said" I looked at the girl. She's beautiful; the girl has a black collar with a black rose. The collar has three chains and each of the chains had a cross "she looks angry, sad and... scared" Kevin nudged him "lighten up a bit it's just part of the show" Kevin never looks at the more important details and he has this bad habit of brushing things off as if it's not important "right. After the show I watched everyone leave "Robert what you waiting for? Let's go!" I shook my head "Look I'll see you tomorrow just leave without me." I ran off to the back and saw the entertainers going in and out of the tent putting things away I walked around looking for the girl but couldn't find her. "Hey you!" I turned around quickly to see that it was the ring master "what are you doing back here?" I couldn't of anything to say "I-" he cut me off laughing and string my back "I bet you just want to congratulate us on our performance" I laughed nervously "yea I did, I was personally trying to thank you but I couldn't find you" the man smiled "well your welcome would you like an autograph?" I scratch the back of my head "actually I have a question about the girl who is appositely supposed to be a fox demon." The man frowned "not appositely... SHE IS A FOX DEMON!" He yelled the last few parts "not that many people believe in fox demons but I do. And that girl is one of the most dangerous of them all but she makes me money" I looked around and noticed that she's nowhere "where is she?" He scratched his bear belly pointing to a cart with a picture of a fox with red eyes. "Can I see her?" He sneered "if you want to die. That is dangerous one slip and you're done; which is why I use a whip and other tools to keep her down. M'now You should go it's getting pretty late" the man pat my shoulder and walked off whistling a tune. Hide somewhere for a while waiting for the man to leave. After a few hours I went up to the cart and saw the most beautiful girl ever seen. Her ears are red with white tips, her hair is ridiculously long. It passes her butt and stops at mid thigh, her eyes are an emerald green and her tail matched the fur coat on the top of her ears. She doesn't look like a fox demon just a science experiment. "Hi, my names Robert, what's yours" she didn't look at me, instead she looked at the cloths I'm wearing and then looked down at the floor "Nightmare" I hissed at the name as it left chills down my spine. I guess she is the fox demon "you don't deserve this, you're no ones pet. How would you like to live with me? Would you like that?" Nightmare nodded "good, now, I need to find a way to break you fr-" before I could finish the cage opened. "How did you-" she smirked, a darker side showing, "I am a demon after all" a deep dark chuckle came from her throat. "Thank you for getting me out of there" I caught up with her "why didn't you get out when you had the chance?" She shrugged "because if I did then he would get the public to actually believe I exist. The whole point is to make everyone else not to believe him. also I've been undercover keeping an eye on him; he's bad news and threat to all women. He's keeping them as slaves and torturing them, he's behind all the women that's been going missing for months" I start feeling a burnin sensation on my chest and shoulder. "The pain will go away in 10 seconds" I looked up at her "what the hell is going on?" She lifted my shirt revealing a mark on my chest And on my shoulder the pain stopped finally and she started to explain. "The two marks show that we have each other's trust and will protect each other no matter what." I looked at the markings "so it's like a contract" she nodded "and I will always be at your service." I nodded "well let's go back to my place, shall we?"

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