The Fox demon

"You don't deserve this, you're no ones pet"


5. summer heat

it's so hot, I can feel my skin melting under the sun. how is this even possible? Nightmare slides down the stairs whining "IT'S SO HOOOOOTTT!!!" Kevin left the fridge open trying to cool off "Kevin" I groan "close the fridge door before all the food goes bad." he closes the fridge door "Robert turn on the AC" Nightmare says "why don't you just use your powers to do it" she groaned landing on top of me-NAKED!! "Nightmare put on some cloths" I say trying to push her off "noooo" she mewled and started purring rubbing against me I have never seen her act this way "Nightmare I understand it's hot but you can't just walk around naked" her tail hit my face "Nightmare cut it out" this time I was getting a little annoyed "Nightmare down" she stopped and I realized what I done. I done something that I promised her that i will never do- treat her like a dog but she obeyed "is she ok?" "I-I don't know" she looked at me for a moment and started to mewl and this time she was going for my shorts "SHE'S IN HEAT!!" I push her hands away "no, bad" why don't you go to the store and buy a very thick  dildo" I suggested and Kevin did just that. He came back a few hours later with a dildo "please forgive me for this but you'll thank me later" I stuck it inside her and she started to squirm and whimper. I started moving faster and turned the vibrator on; Kevin left the room feeling uncomfortable with the situation and since there's not to fulfill her need I used a round thick object and rammed it in her. I wonder what it's like to go  in heat for her "are you done?" I nodded. Nightmare fell asleep on the floor so I put a blanket on her to cover her naked body. she woke up a few minutes later pissed at me "you stuck a fucking dildo up my-" I cut her off "I wasn't going to have sex with you, that would be taking an advantage of you" she softened up "you weren't in your clear mine" she put on a tank top and thanked me "so, how long is this heat?" "a month, i'll be going back to the high tail kingdom for a few days till my heat is done with. I'll be fine,  my father will keep me somewhere safe where no Alpha can smell my heat. well I'm off, behave you two" she joked and disappeared."


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