The Fox demon

"You don't deserve this, you're no ones pet"


3. Circus and the meeting

"KEVIN!!" And that's my que this been happening every single 24/7 none stop. I sigh getting out of bed and putting on my basketball shorts and no shirt. I jogged down stairs and went to the kitchen to make me a bowl of cereal. I landed on the couch flipping through channels "Kevin give it back!" I groaned forgetting those two were fighting "Kevin give her, her choker back and Nightmare don't throw him off the roof this time." Of course they wouldn't listen to me Kevin jumped over me and Nightmare tripped landing on top of me only in her black shorts and sports bra. She sat up with with legs on each side of me. It felt like time has froze, we sat in this position for while blushing like crazy. I didn't have any control of my body, I place both of my hands on her side till she got up "s-sorry" then she disappeared in thin air "you both have a crush on each other" I blushed "n-no we don't" he laughed "next thing you know you're going to become a 'fox demon' that would be cool, when you become one let me know how it feels" I rolled my eyes I'm going to my room."


What just happened? Does he have a crush on me? Do I have a crush on him?! I paced back in forth in my room as I put my choker back on. I can't have a crush on him, my father already engaged me with another fox. I need to talk to Kevin, even though he can be an ass i know he's good friend and can keep a secret cause if Robert has a crush on me I don't want to hurt his feelings. Yes he's a lot cuter than my fiancé and not as cocky or self centered but still I can't go against my father or hurt my mother especially Robert. He can be a little soft, but that body, I wanted him right there and now I want him to breed me with his pups. I blushed at the thought "I have a crush on Robert!" My door bust opened "I knew it!" I growled "Kevin!" I pulled him in "you can't tell Robert" he drowned "why not?" I closed my door "because I'm engaged my parents set me up with another fox, and I don't want to hurt Robert's feelings." He groaned "Nightmare you idiot if he finds out he'll be shattered for good" my ear twitched a few times "shattered for good?" He nodded "all his other girlfriends left him, they only wanted his money and when he found out he- did a few things" I sat next to him "what did he do?" I ask "he became an alcoholic and he tried killing himself a few times. He believed he couldn't find anyone to love him. He thought no one loved him" I growled "who were the girls that hurt him" He shrugged "I don't remember their names and don't do anything you might regret your a fox guard remember that. You only protect people from dangerous people not hurting the heartbreakers" I sighed my ears going down "you're right, thanks. Please don't tell him about my engagement" he nodded in agreement then smiled. "who's this fox you're engaged to" I rolled my eyes "he's a jerk, he's too cocky, self centered, only thinks about himself. He's a selfish prince from The moon pack. They're sneaky foxes, my pack the red rose is a very powerful pack my father is of course the 9 tailed fox which is why he gets so much respect from other foxes in other packs. He's powerful and very humble he treats everyone equally which is one of the reasons why the foxes respect him so much. The prince however not many of us trust him but my father wants to give him and his pack a chance and he also had a crush on me so he asked my father for my hand." "That sucks" he ran his hand through his chocolate brown hair "well I'm going to get dressed and ready for this whole investigation and I'm pretty sure he's getting ready himself. If I were you, I would tell him how you feel and what's going on before it's too late." I sighed agreeing with him. I gotten dressed into a black skirt with a white crop top on with flip flops. I went down stairs and saw Robert dressed in black skinny jeans and a hoodie. His black hair perfectly quaffed with an eyebrow piercing. I never noticed he had one till now, his green-reddish brown eyes looked into and a blush creeped to my face "hey" he smiled "hey, I know this is going to be weird but um..." he held up a black leash "it's too make sure he doesn't notice you" I nodded transforming into a fox and allowing him to hook it on my collar. I hoped in the car and laid down as while Kevin and Robert talked.


I look into the mirror to see Nightmare sleeping. "She's beautiful" I looked up at Robert, his eyes still on the road "yea she is. I don't think any girl could pass her beauty" and it's true I don't think any girl can top that. Her body is perfect; her shape, features, hair, everything about her is perfect. She's strong and very brave and Robert needs her "Robert?" He hummed I was about to tell him but I can't, Nightmare has to do it herself and plus she would be pissed at me if I ever told him. "I... never mind it's not important" Robert nodded. We parked in front of a Mexican restaurant and went inside. Nightmare transformed before going in her tail and ears disappeared making her look normal. Her hair as always passed her butt and stopped at mid-thigh and swayed back in forth as she walked. A lot of guys stared at her as she passed by but she seemed to not care. We made it to VIP area and took our seats. The ring master, known as Mr. Dow, smiled at us "I remember you Mr. Robert, and who are your friends?" I shook his hand "I'm Kevin and that's DJ, Roberts girlfriend" he studied Nightmare a bit and smiled "she's a beauty" I smirked watching Robert kiss her cheek making her blush.


I kissed her cheek! She's going to be pissed after this. We ordered our food and drinks and waited "why did you invite me here?" Robert shrugged "I just wanted to congratulate you by taking you out." Dow nodded "well, thank you" we kept talking till our food came. "This food is really good, thank you" we talked a little longer till I felt Nightmare hands rub up and down my chest "I'll be right back I have to go to the little girls room" "remember don't make it too obvious to where he finds out it was a set up" I nodded. "Thank you for the dinner but I have to go" I nodded "have a good day" he smiled you too" "we need to stay mind linked at all times. Kevin can you hear me?" Kevin smiled "loud and clear, so, what's the plan?" I never really thought about a plan. How are we going to get her out of wherever he puts her in London.  "Nightmare, you ok?" "Yea I'm in the back of a van he's going to the airport"  luckily we have a private jet, off to London we go!

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