The Fox demon

"You don't deserve this, you're no ones pet"


9. Broken

It's been weeks since I talked to Robert I have never felt this vulnerable in my life I walked to the living room and saw him watching T.V with Kevin. "Hey" Robert looked at me with no emotion on his face "it looks like it's raining tonight huh" I sat trying to start conversation but instead Robert got up and left. I transformed into my fox whimpering as I followed him "go away" he said coldly "I don't want to see you anymore" I whimpered louder feeling tears drop on my fur. "Robert please" he stopped "I shouldn't have let you out that cage" I felt my heart stop, and it hurts, it hurts so much to hear him say that. "But I choose you" he scoffed and kept walking till he disappeared up the stairs "it's too late, you lied to me. You broke our trust and this contract of ours, its over we're done. You can stay here al, you want just stay out of my way" the contract broke leaving me in tears "sorry Nightmare" I shook my head "it's fine, it's my fault  that I made him this way" I say sadly. I sat in my room watching the rain fall down and drop on my window. I feel empty, Rachel already with Kylee "hey foxy" Kevin came in with ice cream "Kevin I'm leaving for a bit I'm going back to my kingdom for a while. Tell Robert I said bye, ok?" He nodded with a hurt look on his face. I went through the portal and was now in high tail kingdom "father?" I looked and he's no where to be seen "Nightmare my favorite little sister, how you been?" I ran into his arms "hey big brother" my brother's name is Comet he's the biggest baddest fox you never want to mess with. Tears formed into my eyes "Nightmare, is something wrong? Why are you crying?" I sniffled "I'm just glad to see you" he let go of me looking into my eyes. His eyes became a dark red "where's Calvin and I want to meet this Robert guy" I hate when he goes into my memories "don't worry about it, it's fine"  he growled "no it's not, that Robert guy is your real mate not Calvin" he calmed down "I can feel it, he's hurting. Calvin hurt him, not you and you need to fix that contract between you two cause the markings are still on him meaning he didn't let go of you. He's still hanging on" I sigh "I'm just giving him some time alone so he can think and I'm doing the same for myself" he nodded hugging me again "Nightmare! You came back" my brother started growling keeping me behind him "Comet, it's been a while, hey, how's it going?" Comet growled louder showing his dominance and scaring Calvin "did I do something wrong?" Comet grabbed him by the throat "you hurt my little sister" he said as he tighten his grip slowly. Calvin started whimpering "I was just...making a...point mine and-" his grip was now dangerously tight "you didn't mark her so she's not yours, Robert is. I'm getting my dad to cancel the wedding. You are not marrying my sister and Nightmare you better hurry with your thinking before it's too late" I nodded.


It sure is quiet around here, I forgot what it was like without Nightmare here. No fighting with Kevin or always falling, always glowing because of a mission we had to go on. Now it's just empty and cold without her, I wish I never pushed her away like that; I bet she's off getting married to that guy.


"You want to cancel the wedding?!" Me and my brother nodded. My dad is a tough guy to crack, he scratched his beard as his nine tails swirled around in different directions "give me one reason why I should." My brother explained to him everything and my dad growled "I knew that Calvin was no good. It seems like there will possibly be a war soon, Comet get the soldiers prepared" he obeyed and left. "Tell me more about this Robert guy" my mother says making me blush "well, he's really sweet. He owns a music store, him and his friend Kevin are really close they're housemates" I blushed "look she's blushing" my mother cooed. "Well I'm off to bed" I went to the west wing of the building where all the bed rooms were and went into my room that's next to my brother's room. My room is a dark blue with a hint of orange in it. I lay in my bed sighing, it's weird sleeping in here; I forgot what it's like sleeping in my own bed.


It's been a month since Nightmare left and Robert looks like shit to be honest "hey Robert you want to go to the club?" He ignored me "ok, do you want to go to the bar?" Again he ignored me. I'm not leaving him alone, I'm afraid he might do something stupid "Robert she will come back" he got up from off the couch and went to his room closing and locking the door. "Robert what are you doing?" Nothing, I bang on his door a few times no response. I start to panic trying to find a way to get in "Robert cut it out open the doo-" the door opened and I fell "I was changing what do you want?" I sighed in relief "I thought you tried killing yourself" he shrugged and went back to the sofa but stopped when he saw Nightmare "hey"

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