Writing Tips

Writing tips made for beginners or experienced writers! Anything from helping smooth out your plot and characters, or the different variations of one word.


1. Introduction


January 19, 2017



Hello fellow Movellians! My name is Carol and I'm here with this Movella to help you become a better writer. Or maybe you think you're writing is good enough the way it is.


That's fine!


But don't leave just yet because who knows, maybe I'll post something you haven't learned yet. Or, if you're like me, you forget a lot of the simple things when you get in the zone. This Movella can be your friendly reminder if you're not sure. :)



From time to time I'll post something I think you should be made aware of. But a majority of the chapters are going to be from you! Just ask away in the comments if you need help with something or would like some tips in a certain area. I'll give you to the best of my ability everything I know and stuff I've found on the subject on other social websites. (Mainly Pinterest because they're amazing at this sort of thing.)


So, let's get started! Leave me your comments down below and I'll get to them as fast as I can. 

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