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6. Covers





How many times haven't you heard -or said- this phrase?

More often than not, it's used whenever someone close to us wants us to try something. This shirt looks too tight for you? Don't judge a book by it's cover, try it on. That girl always seems to be angry at the world, making her look like a bitch? Don't judge a book by it's cover. (Though in this author's experience, she was always still a bitch.) The cover for this DVD looks cheesy? Don't judge a book by it's cover....and so on and so forth.


Now we always use this, or say it. But do we ever actually take it into consideration? Most of the time? No.

This author included, I judge my books based off their covers. (Though I do more than just stare at the cover when looking for a book.) 

Because in this world, we are taught when we are young to judge things based off their looks. "If someone looks scary to you, don't go by him." "If it looks good, it will more than likely taste just as good." (How many times hasn't that been proven wrong?) "If she dresses like a slut, she must be one." and so on and so forth. It's programmed in our brains during the same time we're just learning to have conversations with others. So, in short - we judge.


Having read this, you should know where this is going. If your story looks boring? In conclusion: It must be boring. 

So a good cover is always nice to have. Thankfully, there are several stores on this site where you can ask for one to be made. That is of course, if you can't make one yourself or don't trust you can give it justice. Otherwise, it's always a good thing to make the covers yourself, because ultimately it is your story. Only you as the author, know exactly what it should contain to hint toward what type of story it is.


Here's some tips on creating your cover! (Cause obviously that's why you're here.)


1. Make the Pictures Match the Content

Time and time again I've seen it happen. You come up with this amazing, eye catching cover...only for the readers to realize that it has nothing to do with the story. 

Ex. Your story revolves around a serial killer who murders girls and has a family he hides behind. Your cover contains a portrait of a happy family and the font, colors and hook all point to a happier plotline. 


If your story revolves around a serial killer, make the cover match it. Give us dark colors, a brooding font style for the title and a bloodied knife (If that's the weapon he uses.) to let us know what we're in for.


2. Fonts (What is a Font? Can I Eat It?)

I know at times we take fonts for granted. If you are new to the writing world (Or English vocabulary, hey bilingual writers!) a font is the form your letters will take when you write.

Ex. This is the Ariel font, it's great for just writing up simple stuff or to give your writing a clear and simple read. 

If you want something more realistic looking, say for diary entries or inner monologue, Comic Sans MS (This one.) is good. 

But if you'd like something more bold and thicker looking, for say an intense chapter....Georgia is always a classic.


So you see, there are tons of writing fonts for you to use. Movellas only offers a small selection in their writing document. But when you go to cover making sites or write in your Words program, there are more for you to play with. 

Which is why your font should also fit your title. It's not a huge difference, but it helps us envision a new world when we read it. How many times haven't you picked up a book, simply because you loved the way the font bubbled up on the title. (Hey Potter heads, back me up here.)

If your picture isn't the greatest, but your title is catching;

Ex. Marked by P.C. Cast, Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge or The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan (To name a few)

just focus on getting it as big as you can with the most popping font you can find. 


3. Your Colors Should Help Fit The Mood

When choosing a picture or creating one, there's usually one thought in mind; the actual content in it, not the colors surrounding it. But actually, the colors make all the difference.


If I see a cover with really bright and gentle colors, I'm going to think that the content will be a love story or a 'day in the life' type plot. But if the colors are dark and loud, I'm going to assume it's somewhat of a horror/thriller type story. Then if you've got bright colors, but a dark shadowy color lingering in places...well now I'm going to think it's a little bit of sweet and sour plotline. (Which is always eye catching to this author.)


The Movellas cover size should be formatted in 200x250, 400x500 and 800x1000. Just in case ;)


In short, just make sure it fits the plot of your story. There is no such thing as bad covers, only bad marketing. I hope this helps and let me know in the comments if I should delve deeper into something else! :)

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