Tomorrow's Land

Tomorrow's Land revolves around the sixteen-year-old Leah who has to survive the apocalypse with none other than her loyal dog, Maya. Leah has to loiter about in several ghost villages, fight unkempt gangs and, more than anything, survive.

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8. Then what?

It's knocking on the door to the truck. Leah opens her eyes slowly, not really wanting to get up already. Haven't even hit dawn yet. "Leah, come on, get up." Sounds like Falk. Leah turns her head to confirm her thought. It is Falk. She yawns and opens the door. "Morning." He said, smiling. "Hope you had a good night sleep?" Leah nodded, though she hasn't. Too much thinking. Overthinking perhaps? What can one do, she misses Sophie, her best friend. "I promised you we could go look for your friends" Leah remains in the truck, not getting out just yet.

"Well, now?" She asks curiously while peering at him. Another yawn escapes her lips. Her eyelids are hanging a bit, not a morning person at all. She has never been good at getting up early. She even got late to school at times back then. Those days were great. Hanging out with your friends before and after school. Watching horror movies on weekends with your friends, being scared all night, not being able to sleep. Those days were great.. Then what? A zombie apocalypse hit and everything turns out to be a 'horror movie'.

"Yeah, now, it'd be best." Leah doesn't question it, she just nods. Falk gets into the truck, in the driver's seat. He turns on the engine. "I got you some food, so you won't run dry." He says handing over a plate with a silly bread with some peanut butter on top. It has to get down, so her stomach will work optimally. "Thank you, Falk." She nods and takes the tiny blue plate gently. She holds it in her left hand while using her right hand to grab the bread. The man at the gate opens it slowly, so they can get through. The truck drives through the gates and hit the road once again, back to the damn old town where it all started. 


Sophie keeps her eyes on the road both in front of her and behind her, not wanting to get into any trouble with zombies. Dawn hits slowly. Beams from the sun lights up the poor landscape, with only Sophie and Maya on the road. Some of Sophie's gothic make-up smeared almost all over her face because of silly rain during the night. Though, some of the smelly blood has run off, as well of the dirt. Kinda clean, well from blood, dirt and sweat, that is. Sophie look rather exhausted by walking all night, that she looks like a zombie herself. She almost drags herself and Maya towards her destination, though she has none. 

The beams from the sun hit something further ahead, looks like a car crash. She squints her eyes before widening them. "You can't be serious.." Loads of zombies are surrounding a car being rolled onto the side and the horn is honking quite loudly. The honking seems to be continuing, as in not stopping at all. Sophie doesn't really want to walk through that, she decides to get onto the left field, walking straight towards a forest. The field is very uneven, making it difficult to walk, but she proceeds towards the forest and to avoid the zombies, not wanting to drag their attention. 

Maya seems to be sleeping within Sophie's arms, which is good. Sophie's kinda jelly on her, as Maya doesn't have to do a thing on her own. She's got everything delivered on a silver plate. 

The field seems quiet and peaceful enough. No zombies are to be spotted, apart from the road, she's just been on. Sophie hits the start of the forest, stopping. She takes a quick glance around, trying to spot anything lurking inside. It does not seem like anything is around. She takes the first steps into the forest, getting hidden from the sun. She stops op once again, putting Maya on the ground, taking off her bag. "Come, Maya, you'd be better in there." She whispers putting her down slowly, leaving the bag open so she gets fresh air. Soph grabs a hold of her hammer with her right hand and proceeds further into the woods. 

A rumble from Sophie's stomach can be heard. She's clearly hungry. She places her left hand on her belly, trying to calm it a bit as she walks, keeping her eyes out for proviant. Luckily she has learnt some herbalism in school once, knowing which mushrooms are good enough and which one are bad, as well of leaves. She finds a few eatable mushrooms, plucking them, eating them on the spot. Though, she also stuffs some into the bag, leaving some for Maya. Perhaps she'll eat them?

Soft moans and growlings are heard in the distance as well of someone screaming. It sounds like a woman or a child perhaps? Sophie sets up the pace, running towards the sounds. She approaches the scene, seeing a woman backing away from a zombie trying to eat his breakfast. Sophie dashes out from the bushes and out to smash her hammer into its head. Blood flies out from the hole and hits Sophie, once again she's dirty. She looks towards the woman.

She isn't that tall, neither muscular built. Though she looks athletic, just like Leah, actually. Her clothes are fine and fresh, her hair is red and looks well kept. "T-thank you! You just saved me from that.. Monster." The woman dashes towards Sophie, wrapping her arms around her. Sophie blinks her eyes, clearly not used to this. "Well.. It was nothing.. Really. But you're welcome." She smiles. The woman releases once again, peering around for more monsters. "We shouldn't be out here, come with me." She said, all without asking where Sophie came from and why she was all alone. The woman starts to run through bushes and all, Sophie just follows suit. "Hey, wait up!.." She yells exhaustedly. Her legs could clearly use a break from all the running and walking.

"We're there soon!" They pass a few more bushes and they're there. A big house gets revealed in the middle of the forest. The house looks rather solid and freshly painted. It blends in with the nature with its colours. A chimney on top of the roof and smoke eases up from it. Cooking?

"Oh, I almost forgot!" The woman turned on her heels to face Sophie. A large smile is on her face. "I am Stephanie." 

Sophie smiles warmly, somewhat. Her face looks rather sad, though, that's mostly because her makeup is smeared all over her face. "Sophie, my pleasure." She dips her head. 

"Lovely meeting you, Sophie! Now, let's go."

The two proceeds towards the front door and heads inside the big house. 

As the door opens a female voice is heard. "Stephanie, is that you?" Stephanie replies with a loud yes. "I have got a friend with me!" She says. Soon a motherly figure stands in front of the two ladies, greeting Sophie. A rather nice family, apparently. Inside looks just as great as the outside of the house. Looks antique. It's a very beautiful house. The walls are white as well of the ceiling. Beams from the sun strikes through the windows and lights up the whole house. It looks like heaven. That only explains how bright and beautiful the house is inside. A staircase is in front of the tiny group and a door to the left from the main door. A kitchen, by the looks of it. 

"I am Steph's mother, Melissa!" She beams a smile. Sophie nods once again. What a family. "And I am Sophie, my pleasure." She dips her head.  

"You look like a mess, Sophie! You should go upstairs and take a bath, I am sure Steph can show you where it is and perhaps borrow some clothes." Sophie widens her eyes as the nice gesture. How can people be -that- nice? She doesn't really want to ask, she just smiles warmly; "Thank you, it means a lot."

"Come, follow me!" Stephanie says as she heads up the stairs, Sophie straight after. Upstairs are just as lovely as downstairs. A lot of rooms as well. It does look like a hotel. Stephanie leads Sophie directly towards the bathroom, which looks just as nice as the rest of the house. The bathroom is rather big. A toilet on the left side and a bath on the right side. The shower is hidden by white curtains. Sophie heads inside. "I'll go find some lovely clothes for you, Sophie," Stephanie says before dashing off to somewhere. Sophie shrugs her shoulders as she begins to strip down, taking all the dirty clothes off. By that moment, Stephanie is back, clearly seeing everything. "Oh, I am sorry.. Well, here!" She snickers, as she hands Sophie the nice clothing. Sophie gets embarrassed, blushing a tad as well, though she takes the clothes which she is offered. "Thanks.." She mutters. 

Sophie drags the curtains aside, stepping in and then drags them back once again. She turns on the shower and she sighs in relief. How lovely. Lovely people, a lovely place and a nice shower! This must be the best day for her within the apocalypse. 


" I never thought I should go back to this place ever again." Leah implies, to break the silence. Falk shrugs his shoulders, focusing on the road. A zombie is standing on the road, walking towards the truck as if it is chasing something in a very slow pace. Falk grins as he drives into the poor zombie. Boom, it hit and went under the truck. "That's probably dead." Leah chuckles. 

A sign can be seen in the distance: "Welcome! Enjoy your stay!" Woo, back to the shitty town where everything started. They haven't seen a single person so far, only the dead walking around in the are. "Keep your eyes out for them. We might even have time for scavenging." Falk applies. 

He stops the vehicle next to a tank station inside the town. He climbs out of the truck, so does Leah. "Just.. Falk? There are huge groups of zombies around here. I escaped from here last time, you know.." Apparently, no zombie is to be seen. "Let's take a look inside the tank station," Leah says, walking towards it slowly. Her eyes dart around the are, as if she was a mouse, looking out for cats. She approaches the door, already open. Either someone has scavenged this station or someone fled from here. Leah shrugs her shoulders and heads inside, peering around. Falk has to walk sideways through the door as he's too big across the shoulders. The two starts to look for some supplies, as that's always good to have. 

The station has lots of shelves and some proviant laying around just for the taking. Obviously no one has been here. Falk is carrying a bag in his left hand, start filling it with cans and some chips. Leah goes towards the counter, taking any cash there is, as she knows they can burn. She stuffs them into her left pocket. A few medical items are on shelves behind her. Some painkillers, which she grabs and something for special treatment. She grabs all seven of the packs with all kinds of medicine. She walks over to Falk as she stuffs them into his bag. As she did, she spotted a horde appearing outside near the truck. "F-falk! Look!" He peers over his shoulder, whispering; "Shit..!"

There's a door opening out to the backside of the tank station, hopefully, no one is out there. Falk and Leah run towards the door, seeing that the main entrance gets filled with zombies, they must've heard them somehow. Falk kicks the door open and sees it is to the back room, though they have to hide inside. The close the door behind them and Falk sit himself up against it, blocking the way. The zombies are slamming themselves into the door, eager to get in and get some meat. Falk remains still, keeping the zombies out. "S-shit, what now?!" 

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