Tomorrow's Land

Tomorrow's Land revolves around the sixteen-year-old Leah who has to survive the apocalypse with none other than her loyal dog, Maya. Leah has to loiter about in several ghost villages, fight unkempt gangs and, more than anything, survive.

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6. Separated

It's cold, really cold. The storm's still harassing the lands of Atlanta, where Leah and Sophie are. Separated and alone in the dark world. Zombies walking around the place as if it was a living graveyard or a party for the dead. 

Leah is walking on a road far away from the city, fields all around her. There are two directions, forward or straight back to where she came from. Her bloody and sweaty clothing are making her body cold as the wind blows upon them. She wraps her arms around herself, keeping them below her bust, as she walks slowly with a slight limp on the left foot. 

A sound from a vehicle comes from behind her. Its lights cast a beam onto the dark road as it soon approaches Leah. The vehicle stops right next to her making loud noises as the engine is still turned on. It's a truck. Leah peers at the truck, but steps a bit backwards, almost into the field behind her. The door opens and a large man steps out. He's dressed in black boots, dirty jeans and a leather jacket which has his belly exposed. His hair is long and dirty as well. He looks like he's been in quite the fights with the dead. His voice is very dark and he doesn't sound like you should piss him off. "Hey, you! What're you doing out here all alone?!" He asks, but Leah remains silent for a while, until he steps towards her, almost stomping, as he's quite heavy. His arms are almost the size of an average humans thighs! Leah gulps down a bunch of saliva; "Ngh, don't hurt me, please.. I just escaped a bunch of dead people and lost my friends.. I got separated from my group." 

The large man strokes his chin looking at Leah. "So, you lost your friends in the town? I just came from there, I saw no one." Leah trembles a bit at the thought of her friends being slaughtered by the furious ghouls. "D-did you see two women and a.. Dog? Named, Sophie and Caroline.." She asks nervously as she seems rather scared of the huge man. He shakes his head lightly. "As I said, I saw no one. Are you brain-dead, little one?" He cackles. 

Arms grab a hold of Leah's shoulder, but before she can even think a loud crack is heard. She feels cold liquid run down her neck. She looks over at the man, seeing he stands with a revolver in his right hand, smoke eases from it. Leah looks over her shoulder, seeing a ghoul fall to the ground with a hole in its head. "T-thank you." The man smirks, motioning her to get onto the road instead of standing in the field. "Come on, it's dangerous out there and I am sure that the bang was heard by others." Leah doesn't hesitate to get onto the road once again, standing two meters away from the bulky man. "Look, I can take you somewhere safe, if you're interested. A group I've gathered. We're five so far." He asks nicely. Weird enough for how he approached her earlier, but it sounds true enough to be believable. 

"Right, if you want to, then get into the truck and let's go." He says. Leah kinda just obeys and gets into the truck. She makes herself comfortable in the seat. 

The truck looks rather comfy from inside. Two dices hanging from the rearview, soft blankets covering the seats. The steering wheel has a dark-brown leather grip. 

The man gets inside the truck as well, closing the door. Leah peers towards him; "I'm Leah by the way." She says with a fainting smile. 

"Call me Falk" He smiles, stepping onto the pedal, driving along the almost endless road, by the looks of it.


Sophie is breathing heavily as she has been sprinting for a while with Maya under her arm. Her body isn't affected by the cold night weather just yet. Many houses surround the street she's running on, a few directions to run. She has to be clever not to get trapped within hordes of zombies. Her brain works on max pressure while her body uses a lot of adrenalin, escaping the previous dozen of zombies. "Where to get out, where to get out?!" She yells strenuous. 

She passes some dead ends, totally crowded by massive amounts of zombies. Where did they come from? It was all peaceful hours ago. Travelled across the fields? Got out of their houses when they were living humans? The question remains as Sophie continues to sprint. She passes a sign, a big sign saying "Drive home carefully! Come back soon!" Sophie spots it and scowls, never. 

More dead-ends are to be found on her way out of the town. The zombies clearly attracted by the sounds of Sophie's boots stomping on the ground as she sprints. Surely she's created a horde, perhaps the whole town is after her by now. Sophie is about to get exhausted for sprinting, her adrenalin is still pumping through her body, so she's still capable of sprint a little while still. She ends on something that looks like the same road as Leah has just been on. Though, Sophie does not know that. Fields on each side of the road. Sophie slows down the pace to a jug, before fully stopping. She places Maya on the ground in front of her, she's just wagging her tail. "Stupid dog.." She bends over, placing her hands on her kneecaps, catching her breath. The zombies are far behind, they can only limp slowly, so there's lot's of time to catch her breath by the looks of it. 

A few minutes later, she starts to walk along the road, glancing over the fields, keeping an eye out for zombies. She spots a dead zombie on the field, close to the road. She perks a brow. A sign of survivors or Leah perhaps? Sophie inspects the dead zombie. A hole is blown in its forehead, clearly dead. By the looks of it, Sophie is on the same road as where Leah got picked up, sadly Sophie was too late to catch the truck as well, so she has to proceed on foot. "I just hope Leah's alive.." She says lowly, though she knows no one can hear her. 

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