Tomorrow's Land

Tomorrow's Land revolves around the sixteen-year-old Leah who has to survive the apocalypse with none other than her loyal dog, Maya. Leah has to loiter about in several ghost villages, fight unkempt gangs and, more than anything, survive.

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7. Different places and different people

Beams from the sun, shines through the window of the truck, hitting Leah across the closed eyes. The truck bumps here and there because of an uneven ground beneath the wheels of the truck. Leah opens her eyes slowly, peering around inside the truck, seeing Falk behind the steering wheel, focused on the road. Leah moves her hands up to carefully rub her eyes; "Where are we?.." She asks tiredly. The bulky man points towards a sign coming up in the distance. Leah has to narrow her eyes to see what it says "Survivors ahead." She blinks her eyes, asking; "How far have we drove?" The man simply says four hours, pretty far. 

"We're there soon, Leah, then you can have some food and something to drink. You must be starving?" He asks, still focused on the road as he has to drive through some forest. Big trees and bushes are surrounding the truck as it drives through. The road is bumpy, but nothing the truck can't handle. A few zombies are staring from the woods when the truck drives past them. Soon they arrive at a big fence, probably the size of 3 meters. A lot of wooden spikes are pointing out towards the woods as if zombies were to attack the fence. Some have already fallen for the trap, their bellies are impaled by the huge wooden spikes, guts hanging out, though they are still very much alive to moan out at the people near them. One guard is standing on the fence with a rifle. By the looks of it, it's a male. The truck stops in front of the gate and the guard on the fence calls down to someone and suddenly the gate opens.

Falk drives the truck inside and parks it next to a jeep and some bikes. From inside the camp, there are two caravans and three people gathered around a fireplace. A few chairs and an old couch is around the fireplace. one people sitting and two standing. One of the people is a child at the age of ten, by the looks of it. The rest seems like adults. The place seems safe enough so far. Fence all around, protecting their little camp they've got. 

Carefully Leah would open the door and step out from the truck, Falk does the same. Leah stands still for a second, thinking of the worst ever possibilities. Is this where she's going to die? She tends to overthink. Falk approaches Leah slowly; "So, here we are, do you think you'll be safe enough here?" He asks with an amused grin on his face. Leah nods once. Falk turns on his heels, motioning Leah to follow, which she does. The two approaches the group near the fireplace. Falk steps forward and introduces Leah to the others. The child comes over immediately and greets her. "Hi! I'm Shawn! How're ya'?!" He asks with quite the accent. Leah can't help but smile a little; "Hey.. I'm Leah and I am great, thank you, what about yourself?" Clearly, she lied. She's not great, she's just got separated from Sophie, Caroline and her pup Maya. Shawn replies that he's good and everything. The two other people approach as well. "Greetings, I am Joshua and this is my wife Liv and you've just met our son, Shawn." They smile warmly towards Leah. Leah just beams the smile back, but of course, she's not very happy because of recent episodes. 

These people seem nice enough by the looks and by their approaches. "Leah, if you want anything to either eat or drink, you can just grab some, alright?" Liv says, smiling before patting her shoulder. Leah shrugs her shoulders lightly, peering around the camp for anything eatable and drinkable. A table in the middle of the camp, next to the fireplace has got some full and some empty cans on it. Leah walks over to inspect them further. Tomatoes, grapes and a few cans of mock turtle soup. Leah grabs a can of mock turtle soup, she needs some protein for her poor body. It's one of those cans that already is cooked. Now she just needs a can opener. 

She peers around the camp once more, not spotting a single can opener or a knife. She has to ask someone for it. She seeks out Liv, who told her to get some food. "Hey uhm.. Do you perhaps have a knife or  can opener?" Leah asks carefully, standing with the can in her right hand. Liv smiles warmly, nodding; "Come, follow me, dear." as Liv heads towards one of the caravans and enters it. Leah waits just outside the door, peering inside as the rather nosey one she is. To the right, there's a double bed and a door which probably leads into a toilet with a closet on the other side. To the left side of the door, can be found a miniature kitchen and a single bed. This must be Joshua, Liv and Shawn's 'home'. 

Liv hands over a multitool; "It has a knife inside, you just have to figure out where it is." She snickers. Leah smiles warmly grabbing the multitool, stuffing it into her left pocket, "Thank you Liv." 

She walks back to one of the chairs, sitting down for a bit, relaxing. She fondles with the multitool, finding lot's of useable tools, as well of a miniature knife, but it will do. The blade is around two inches long. She places the pointy end against the top of the can, purring pressure onto the tool and the knife goes through. She proceeds to do such until she can force it open. She bends the metal lid. A fresh smell of turtle soup fills the air around Leah. She's never been much for turtle soup, but she has to eat it to regain her energy a bit. She stabs the knife into some of the meat, eating it, but being careful not to cut herself with the blade. 

Soon the can is empty and she places it onto the table where the other cans are. Falk drops by, placing himself on the couch almost blocking it all. Though it is not because he's fat, it's because he has huge muscles, obviously a bodybuilder. "You can sleep inside the truck, that's the only place comfortable enough we've got." He says, Leah replies; "That's fine, thank you." She sends him a smile.

"So, tell me. Your friends? Who are they?" Leah sighs once, though she answers the question. "The young one is Sophie, same age as me, sixteen. She is my best friend to be exact. She's been there for me since we were kids. The other one is Caroline, I barely know her. I stumbled upon her inside a warehouse where Sophie and I slept through the night until we had an ambush. The dead. Caroline and Sophie escaped though I was clumsy and failed, I fell down from some crates pretty high up and hurt my foot. It's a bit better now, though. Then I had to escape on my own, which I did. You know the rest." She says, breathing in. Falk nods carefully, understanding how Leah might feel. 

"Well, I am sure your friends are alive still. We will go search for them tomorrow. Sounds good?" Leah nods eagerly. She clearly wants to find her friends with such a haste, especially Sophie. 

The sun is as tall as it could be, shining straight down towards Leah. Though, some tree crowns cover some of the sunbeams from getting through. The camp is well hidden and has a great spot as well, not getting baked by the sun twenty-four-seven. 

" I think I will go take a nap.." Leah says. She's tired after the long ride and the episode before, with all the zombies and running. Falk nods. Leah raises herself from the chair walking towards the truck, climbing inside. She makes herself comfortable on the front seat, before closing her eyes. The last thing on her mind before she falls asleep is Sophie. " I just hope she's alive.."

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