Tomorrow's Land

Tomorrow's Land revolves around the sixteen-year-old Leah who has to survive the apocalypse with none other than her loyal dog, Maya. Leah has to loiter about in several ghost villages, fight unkempt gangs and, more than anything, survive.

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5. Blood, mud and sweat

he dark sky has surrounded the are, dark clouds are everywhere, does look pretty bad. Perhaps a bad weather is on its way, rain? A storm? 

"Sophie, look over there!" Caro yells, pointing towards a home which looks rather secured from bad weather. The windows are barricaded with wooden planks, so is the door. Maybe there are survivors inside or maybe it is abandoned, ah well, Sophie and Caroline decides to chek it out. They are a few miles away from the warehouse where the horde attacked them, so they should not be a problem. Papers are all around the street, as well as empty cans. The place looks scavenged, so the chance of survivors inside that barricaded house is rather big, then again, who knows?

They rush across the street, to stand right in front of the door, Soph points towards the left side of the house, as she whispers towards Caroline; "Sneak around and see if there's an entrance and keep out for the dead!". Caro nods and proceeds. The house looks old, the roof is made of straw and the wooden walls look a bit rotten. Though the barricaded windows look fresh! Another sign of survivors, they would like to think.

Sophie tries to take the handle and pull it, though it's not opening. It's locked. Weird sounds are coming from behind her, she turns around to glance around, spotting two dead ones making their way towards her. Soph has a fence to her advance. She doesn't warn Caroline about them, as she knows she can handle this on her own. She takes a firm grip on the hammer she has shoved down between her belt and her trousers, making a good place for it to stay when not being used. 

Her gaze goes to the closest one, which is already past the fence and only five meters ahead. Soph walks towards it at a slow pace, trying to bait it. The zombie stumbles towards her, trying to grab a hold, but that's where her bait succeeded. She takes a quick step backwards, before using the strength of her right arm, to slam the hammer-head into the zombie's head. The head gets stuck inside, blood splashing out from the hole, hitting Soph's clothes, though her clothes are pretty dirty to start off with. She pulls out the hammer and some of the cranium cracks open as the hammerhead were stuck inside, more blood flowing out. She glances over the now dead zombie, to see the other one stumble over the fence. She couldn't help but giggle, ah well, she might be a bit crazy. 

She skips across the front garden and over to the zombie lying down. She plants her boot onto the back of it, forcing it to stay on the ground. "Awh, you can't get up or have a meal? Too bad.." she snickers, hammering the back of the head with her hammer, blood explodes out and makes Sophie even messier. Both zombies are completely dead now, though she peers around, looking for more, a grin on her face. No more zombies are to be found. She skips across the garden once more, approaching one of the barricaded windows. 

Caro whispers from behind the house; "Hey, Soph, get back here, there's an entrance." 

The weather getting worse, rain starts to fall from the sky and low rumbles far away can be heard. Thunder?

Soph walks carefully around the house, watching out for any thread that there could be. When she's around the corner, she sees Caro sitting in a squatting position in front of a tiny hole which leads inside the rotten but barricaded house. 

"What's that?" Sophie asks curiously, but with an amused smirk on her face as she has just killed two zombies.

The hole is on a size of a dog, maybe on the size of Maya. Maya is sitting passively in the bag Caroline is carrying on her back. Sophie peers at Maya; "The hole looks like the size of Maya, but I wouldn't dare let her go in there alone." She says. Soph lays down slowly to peak inside the hole. Not much are to be seen, it is all dark, no sounds coming from inside either. "Hmpf.." She raises herself once again, all dirty from mud now. Mud, blood and sweat. 

"How do we get it?!" Caro says, looking around, scouting the area for zombies. Soph ponders in thought for a moment before she gets an idea. The house is made of wooden planks and they're rotten. She presses her boot above the hole and presses her foot hard against it. The plank broke in two pieces and the hole should now fit the size of the two women. "You go first Soph, I will keep an eye out for the dead." Soph nods, laying down once again, as she starts to crawl through the hole. She squeezes her frame through the hole, getting even dirtier as she has to crawl on the ground. She gets through. "There's no damn light in here!" She sighs, squinting her eyes peering around, trying to find some sort of a contact. "Why am I so dumb.. Such a house doesn't have contacts.. Ah well, come on Caro!" 

Caro follows suit, getting onto her stomach, starting to crawl through. Soph smirks as she sees Caro through the hole, though suddenly Caro yelps out in deep pain and she gets dragged out, somehow. Sophie gets shocked and places herself on the stomach to peer out, only to see Care getting eaten slowly by two flesh eating zombies. Maya barks while sitting in the bag on the back of Caroline, which is now meat. "M-Maya, come here!" Sophie says motioning her to come inside the rotten house. Luckily Maya sees and hears Sophie and runs inside the hole and into the house.

Caro keeps screaming out in pain until her throat gets bitten over. Blood flowing out from her eaten body. Sophie sighs with a tear in her eye "Rest in piece Caro.." Even though she knows that she will turn into one of them.. A flesh-eating ghoul. Sophie sits with Maya in her arms, hugging her as if she were a teddy bear. Luckily for Soph, the zombies are busy eating human flesh and meat, for now. 

Maya is shaking quite a lot within Sophie's arms, she keeps her close, stroking her fur. She lets out a final sigh before raising herself, deciding to explore the house for stuff. She has to squint her eyes while walking around barely able to see anything. A beam of light gets through from the hole she crawled through, but that's not much light, to enlighten all of the room. It looks like a living room with nothing else than a couch and a broken television. She places Maya back down on the ground, letting her wander about the little living room. Of course, Maya avoids the hole where she just ran through, she wouldn't want to be a meal. 

The couch looks old and well used, probably this is an abandoned house which was never rebuilt. Sophie goes behind the couch, pushing it over to the wall where the hole is, barricading it with the couch, she then dumps down onto the couch, placing her back and neck against the backrest, a rather comfy couch. 


A loud explosion is heard, Sophie wakes up with a shock, jumping out from the couch, the room is enlightened. She blinks her eyes, as she smells smoke. She tilts her head to look up, seeing the roof has caught fire. "This is just not my day, huh?!" she yells out, quite upset. Maya is barking once again, pretty loud for the little pup. She knows she has to get out from here before she faints because of the smoke, she starts to cough already. The couch has to be removed from the hole, so she can escape, but there are the zombies.. Both windows and the door is barricaded.. It is the only way out.

She counts to three within her head, Maya is behind her. Sophie pulls the couch to the side and immediately dropping onto the floor, peering outside where Caro should be. Not only her can be seen. A dozen (12) is just outside, moaning at the thundercrack and the roof which has caught fire. Sophie gulps down a load of saliva, starting to crawl out rather quickly, snatching Maya on her way out, keeping her under her left arm and her hammer in her right hand. The zombies have already spotted her, as they soon surround the crawling Sophie. She looks pretty scared by now, the toughness has faded obviously. She crawls inside the house again, releasing Maya to then push the couch in front of the hole once again. "Fuck!" 

She coughs quite a lot as the room is covered by smoke. Everything is blocked, the door, windows and now the hole as well. A few tears appear on Sophie's cheeks, but she has to try once more. The door or the windows. She can't just start hammering the wall down, that'll attract the ghouls. She has to make a move now. She places herself in front of the couch, starting to charge towards the blocked door. She holds her right shoulder in front, ready to slam it against the door. Maya is held under Sophie's left arm, keeping her safe. She shoulder bashes the door, luckily she breaks through, she crashes outside and trips, landing on her front side, but is quickly onto her feet. Another dozen of zombies are already around Sophie, this is totally not her day.

She starts to fight off the zombies with only her right arm and her legs. She pushes a few aside, before she runs forwards, keeping her head low, as she rams through some of the zombies, she got through. She keeps running. Running for her dear life, Maya under her arm still. Sophie's body is covered in blood, mud and sweat. 

All alone in this poor world now. Sophie running for her dear life, while Leah is walking the road. How could all this happen? How did the world end up like this? What did we humans do? Experiments? Is the earth punishing us, or an attack from outer space? What have we done to deserve such a treatment? Though the separated group continues their own ways, not knowing where each other are. 

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