Tomorrow's Land

Tomorrow's Land revolves around the sixteen-year-old Leah who has to survive the apocalypse with none other than her loyal dog, Maya. Leah has to loiter about in several ghost villages, fight unkempt gangs and, more than anything, survive.

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4. At the break of dawn

Slowly Leah opens her eyes, peering around the area, as some weird noises can be heard. Sophie is still fast asleep behind her, typical her. Though, Leah decides to take the case on own hand. She raises herself from the blanket, stretching out before anything else. She bends down to pat Maya on her back, motioning her to follow. The two leaves Sophie behind. It's clearly seen that Leah is pretty tired, as she hasn't got much sleep, She's got black circles underneath her eyes, and her eyelid covers almost half of her eyes, though she continues! 

The noises get's louder and louder as she approaches the door they entered from yesterday. She squints her eyes, rubbing them with her hands afterwards. Suddenly a full horde of corpses are outside the door, knocking on it, they want to get in, for sure! Leah widens her eyes and rushes back to the others. Stupid as she might be, she yells out, trying to wake the people around her. In a few seconds, Sophie woke up and was in front of Leah; "What's wrong? Why're you yelling?" She says rubbing her own eyes with a sigh escaping her lips. Clearly, Sophie isn't used to waking up so early. Leah is panting and speaks too quick to be completely incomprehensible. "Woah woah woah, keep steady in your panties girl." Sophie snickers though with worried eyes.  

"But.. Zombies, dead people. Right.. Outside, now! The door will break soon!" And then a glass breaking sound is heard and louder noises are heard coming from the same direction. Sophie gulps down a bunch of saliva, dashing towards the other two. Though only Caroline is to be found, Adam is gone. Sophie doesn't really care, she grabs a hold of her arm and pulls so Caroline is forced to wake up, which she does. "W-what are you doing Soph?!", Sophie explains the case, clearly Caroline is shook. 

The dead horde is approaching the group of three slowly, Leah grabs her gun, pointing at the horde of the dead, as Sophie and Caroline try to find an escape route which they do. A pair of crates is stacked onto each other, easy to climb for some athletic enough. Sophie dashes towards Maya, grabbing her as she proceeds up the crates waiting at the top. A window is located at the top. Leah is still down there with the dead, they're pretty close to her. Caroline is making her way up the crates while Leah is holding the zombies back. She fires the first bullet off, hitting the zombie in the chest, it staggers but continues to make its way towards Leah. Caro yells down to Leah, that the path is clear. She turns her head quickly to look up at the crates, dashing towards them with only five bullets left in her gun. Sophie and Maya are standing on the top crate while Sophie is trying to get the window open, but decides to slam her hammer into it. The window shatters. 

Leah climbs up, but as she places her foot on the edge of a crate, it falls down, so does Leah. She falls 2 meters down, landing on her side. "No! L-Leah!" Sophie cries out from above. Somewhat, Leah is quick on her feet with a minor injury on her left foot, she has to limp from now on, with zombies all around the place. She scans the area for another escape route because she can't really get out from the main entrance, that's full of dead people. She spots a double doored entrance to somewhere. She hasn't got much time, so she has to make a move now. She takes a firm grip on her hammer in her right hand and the gun with five bullets left in her left hand. Luckily Leah is standing behind a pillar, so she might be able to juke the zombies with help from the pillar. The horde is pretty close now, the front ones are trying to grab a hold of her, but then she dashes forwards, pushing two of them, to stagger them. She limps past the pillar with and towards the doors.

A few crates are lying around the area, which is making it more difficult for her to make her way there. She has to slalom around them, even jump over a few of them, which is rather difficult with an injured foot which is quite painful to even walk with. Behind one of the crates, a dead arm grabs Leah's leg and makes her trip. It doesn't take long for the crawling zombie to get on top of her. Luckily Leah has her gun in her left hand. She moves her hand up to the head, as she presses the trigger, Bam, it blew a hole in the left side of the dead one's head, destroyed the brain. Leah pushes the dead upper-body off of her, looking for the horde which already is one meter behind her, she widens her eyes before limping off to the doors. 

Only luck can save Leah now, if the doors are locked, she will get eaten alive, she is very understanding with that thought. She approaches the doors, giving them a push, phew, they opened. Sweat drips from Leah's forehead and her top is a bit sweaty at the chest area. A lot of adrenalin is pumping through her body at the moment. 

She got through the doors, quickly closing them behind her, but there's no lock! She sees that the handles are close to each other and decides to use her hammer as a lock. She sticks the handle through both handles, locking it. Soon the door gets pushed against by the horde and a few arms are sticking through the little opening they can make until the hammer stops the doors from opening fully. Leah sighs in relief, deciding to make her way away from the horrible place she's gotten herself into, but what about Sophie and Caroline? Hopefully, they saw Leah make her way past the doors.

The doors were holding onto an exit entrance. A corridor with only a glass door in the end, clear from zombies, luckily. She puts down the pace a bit, walking with a limp. She approaches the door with heavy panting, she has a good grip on the gun with fire bullets left, not hoping any zombie would appear in front of her. She peers through the glass and outside. Houses, empty cars, vans, but no zombies. She opens the door and quickly makes her way to the street looking around the area, trying to spot Sophie and Caroline, but they aren't to be seen. " This can't be true.. It just can't.." She says, close to cry. She breathes in a few times, before moving on. She hits the road and walks along it. Only a few zombies are to be found walking the streets, though, they're no problem for Leah, as she can just sneak past them, which she did.

Leah whispers to herself; " I hope they're still alive.. Or at least Sophie and.. And.. Maya! " A few tears appears on her cheeks. Her poor mascara gets wet and runs down her cheeks as well. She dries her eyes and cheeks with the back of her hand. 

Leah continues to walk, soon exiting the city. Fields with corn and other stuff are to awaits outside and only one road to follow. 

Of course.. Leah lost her bag with supplies, she just remembered that she left it next to the blanket yesterday. "Can this day get even more shitty?!" She asks herself within her head. Her clothes stink quite a lot of blood and rotten flesh, as well of parts of her skin, that's exposed from clothes. Sure Leah could use a bath, though, there's no time for that..

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