Tomorrow's Land

Tomorrow's Land revolves around the sixteen-year-old Leah who has to survive the apocalypse with none other than her loyal dog, Maya. Leah has to loiter about in several ghost villages, fight unkempt gangs and, more than anything, survive.

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1. A new member of the family

The sun shines through the window, and into a tiny room. The solar beams hit Leah's face. Her eyes open up slowly, as she moves her hands up from under the sheet.

Slowly rubbing her tired eyes, as she starts the day off with a yawn. She turns her head to look at her watch, which is standing on the bedside table. She narrows her eyes as she reads the numbers on the watch. The watch says 3:00 PM.

The young teenager swings her slender legs out of the bed and soon sits up. She stares down at her own feet, as she lets out a sigh. Soon she decides to stand up, looking around for her phone. She spots the phone on her bedside table. A green light is blinking, a new message has arrived. Leah bends over, to slowly grab the phone with her long slender fingers. She taps the screen twice, as the message pops up. It is from mum.

The message says; ''Leah, I am going out, and I am first home about 8 PM in the evening.'' Leah doesn't seem to mind at all. She is always home alone with her stupid brother Nick.

Leah walks to her wardrobe, choosing some clothes. A pink top, with some light blue jeans. She sits down on her bed again, to slowly pull up her pants, thereafter her pink top. Her long light caramel hair runs down her back ever so nicely. It looks rather well kept. Her bright blue eyes which are almost shining looks perfect with the hair colour and her outfit, for now. Her skin is rather soft and is a bit suntanned. Another sigh escapes Leah's lips before she stands up again. She walks to the door, turning around to look at her room once more before leaving. She walks downstairs.

When she gets down, she walks into the kitchen which is just next to the staircase. She finds the fridge. Slowly opening, as she looks around for any good tasting food for her breakfast. Soda, bread, vegetables, beef and a plate of bread and some deli meats plus a cucumber slice on top. A note is sat on the plate as well.

Obviously from her dear mother which cares a lot of her children. The note says; ''Because I know you can't be arsed to make it yourself.'' A winking smiley in the end. A small smirk forms on Leah's lips. She says in low: ''I know I am lazy, mum. You don't have to tell me, like every single time.'' Oh well. She grabs the plate, closes the fridge before she walks to the table near the window.

She places the plate on the table, as she sits down. She picks up the piece of bread with deli meat onto the table. Slowly moving it to her mouth, as she takes a bite of her food. Chewing before swallowing each bite.

She turns her head to the left, as she looks out through the window. She notices three children around the age 6 play on the streets. They are playing with a football, passing it to each other.

She finishes her food, as she places the empty plate on the kitchen table. Leah decides to walk up the stairs, and into her own room. Closing the door behind her, as she finds her laptop on her desk.

She pulls out the chair, planting her rear in it before she rolls closer to the laptop. She opens the laptop, as she notices three new messages on Skype. Probably her online friends who wanted to contact her. She reads them one after one. All three persons wanted her to come online, so they could chat.

She brushes her right hand through her hair, as she yawns once more. She plays a game named World of Warcraft. A popular game in her age. None of her friends from her class is playing the game. She doesn't really have any friends either, only her friends online. She logs onto the game, as she starts playing it.

Soon she receives a call on Skype from one of her online friends. She answers the call. A guy in her own age greets her, as she answers the call. They are basically speaking about the game, and how they both are this shiny day. None of them has been outside in the great weather.

8:00 PM. Leah hears the door open downstairs. She pauses her game, as she decides to walk downstairs. She smiles towards her mother, which just got home from work.

She is a rather tall woman with curves. She has red hair, with a single scar across her cheek. A smile forms on her lips, as she notices her daughter Leah. She is carrying a box in her hands.

She extends her arms out, to offer the box to Leah. Leah perks a brow, as she walks closer to her mother, as she grabs the box carefully. She feels that the box is shaking a tad. She decides to place the box on the ground before opening it. Her eyes widen, as she notices a white puppy inside the box.

She lifts her head quickly to look at her mother again with curious eyes. Thereafter she asks if the dog is for her. The mother replies with her single nod. Leah smiles brightly towards her mother, then her new puppy. She extends her arms down to it, as she grabs it carefully. She lifts the pup up, as she keeps it close. Her right hand is brushing through the very soft fur, whilst hugging it. The race is golden retriever. By the looks of it, the pup is around one year old.

Leah's mother grabs the empty box, as she walks out with it. Leah stands still with her puppy in her arms. Soon she walks into the living room, to plant her rear on the couch. Her puppy is still within her arms. Her head is tilted down towards the puppy, with a great smile on her lips. ''Are you a little Maya? Hmm?'' Leah said lowly.

She keeps scratching the pup behind the ears with her two slender fingers. Her mother walks into the living room and sits down on the couch next to Leah.

Her mother smiles calmly towards her daughter and the new member of their family. ''So.. Leah. Have you found a name for her yet?'' Leah nods twice before replying. ''Her name is Maya.'' They sit there, in the exact same spot for hours, talking about the day, and the new member of the family.

Nick walks into the living room, greets them both as he let out a sigh. He jumped onto the couch and shuffles around until he found a comfortable position on the couch. The puppy fell asleep in Leah's arms.

Probably because of all the caressing. Soon Leah stands up, whilst the pup is within her arms. ''I'm going upstairs now.'' She said, as she walks upstairs, and into her room. Closing the door behind her, as she places the puppy on her bed, wrapping it in some sheets, so it won't freeze.

Leah looks down to her lap, as she places her hand on it. Feeling the warm spot from the puppy. She sighs once before she sits down in her chair. She opens up the laptop, logging into her game she paused. She writes a message to some of her online friends. ''Ah well. I just got a puppy from my mother today. Now I actually have to do something in my life. Ugh..'' Obviously, Leah was just acting like she was happy about her puppy, but she wasn't.

Some hours later, a knocking is heard at her door. She turns her head towards the door, as her mother comes in. ''Yeah?'' Leah said. Her mother was glaring a bit at Leah. A brow is raised on Leah's face. ''Huh?''

Her mother told Leah to go to bed. ''It is 5:00 AM. Leah! You have to be more social.'' Leah looked angry, as she soon raises herself from the chair, walks over to the door, as she stands right in front of her mother. ''Yeah, okay. I don't care. Bye!'' As she closes the door right in front of her mother's face.

Leah was meant to go to school about 10:00 AM. but she didn't go. She stayed home. Leah was sleeping at that point. Obviously, Leah doesn't care about a single thing but her video game.

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