Tomorrow's Land

Tomorrow's Land revolves around the sixteen-year-old Leah who has to survive the apocalypse with none other than her loyal dog, Maya. Leah has to loiter about in several ghost villages, fight unkempt gangs and, more than anything, survive.

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3. A new day within the new world

Sophie looked at Leah, as she sent her a worried look herself. ''You ready Leah? To head out, and face this new world?'' A sigh is heard from Sophie. She doesn't look like she enjoys the idea of a 'new world' herself. 

Leah shrugged her shoulders, as she walked towards Sophie. She coiled her arms around her, as it was the last time she ever saw her friend. Sophie did the same, in a comfortable way of course. Soon releasing each other from their grasps. ''Right, let's do this.'' Said Leah, and grabbed the backpack. She swung it over her head, and onto her shoulders. 

They both looked down at Maya, which is literally just swinging her tail from side to side. Does she even know what is happening to us? To this world? It must be great to be a dog, but then again, a dog having a leash around their necks. Probably better than living in this world after all. 

Slowly the two went to the main entrance, as they turned around slightly to notice Maya following them. ''What are we going to do with Maya?'' Sophie asked. Leah let out a sigh, as she peered towards Sophie. ''I guess we let her follow us. She might be in use in some way?'' Sophie shrugged, as she opened the door out to the streets. Leah and Maya followed suit. 

''Sophie, hold up!'' Leah said quickly just after they went outside. Sophie turns on her heels, to look back at Leah. ''Yeah?'' She said. 

''Where are we even going? I mean. A hospital, military base, a village, where? We can't stay on the streets can we?'' As she sounds really inexperienced around the whole 'zombie' concept. Leah played a lot of games in her past, which does give her the least experiences, but only how to kill them. 

''Well, I had something in mind before all this. You know, I made a plan and all, as I thought this would happen some day. Some call me weird, but I guess they realized that I was right about all this.'' A low laugh is heard from Sophie. Sounds like she doesn't care about all this. ''So, here is what I think we do. We should head to some sort of a store, maybe gathering some guns or something. We are in Atlanta after all, they must have some guns, at least somewhere.''

A noise is heard from down the street and a stench surrounds their poor noses. Sophie and Leah would quickly pinch the bridge of their noses, to close the airway. ''Eww! What a stench?!'' as they both turned their heads towards the end of the street. They widen both of their eyes, as a herd is coming their way. 

''Where the hell did they come from?! I only saw one or two from the other street!'' Sophie yelled. Sophie grabbed Leah's arm as she pulled her with her. They started to run the opposite way from where the herd was coming. Maya was following suit, barking a tiny bit of course. ''Shush Maya!'' Leah said whilst following Sophie. 

Sophie ran down a side way, to some old houses. Probably some old people living there, if they aren't corpses walking around yet. ''Where to?!'' Leah yelled up to the running Sophie with a very afraid tone. Sophie doesn't even answer Leah, as she is searching for a good enough house. She spots a house and runs towards the door. She doesn't even knock on, she opened the door and rushed through, holding the door for Leah, and Maya which was a tad behind. ''Hurry!'' Sophie whispered loudly. 

The door closes behind them, as two old people stand in front of the two teenagers, peering at them rather scared. Leah widens her eyes as she notices the two. ''S-sorry! But z-zombies outside!'' The elder couple just stands and watches them carefully. 

Obviously, the TV is on in the background. A man is heard speaking. ''Atlanta police department is blocking some of the streets, holding rifles, and pistols. They are guarding the rest of the humanity against the zombies which are walking slowly towards them! The police officers are shooting their ammo in their way. Some of the zombies go down from a shot in the head, and others which get hit in the chest is seen walking still! What is happening?!'' As the TV got turned off. 

''W-what was that? A-Atlanta is dying?'' Leah peers around on the people around her. She sees tears roll down the cheeks on the elder couple. They just turn on their heels and walks to their couch. Leah has tears rolling down her cheeks, as she turns towards Sophie, seeking comfort. 

Sophie stands still, just like a statue, like she has seen a ghost. She shakes her head, and eyes Leah up and down. ''Leah, focus! We don't have time for that just now!'' She said, trying to make Leah focus. A sigh is heard from Leah. Sophie goes into the elder couple's living room. ''Hey, uhh. Can we gather some stuff from your house? We have a plan about this. 

The couple peers towards Sophie and nods once. They have their hands and fingers locked together like they are prepared to say goodbye to this world with each other. 

Sophie starts to loot the house, whilst Leah stands still looking towards the ground. Soon Sophie comes over to her, trying to lift her chin up looking into her eyes. ''Leah. Look. I know this is difficult, but at least, try and let's get going.'' Leah nods once, as she goes to the kitchen. She finds three cans of tomato soup, which she placed down into the backpack. Sophie does the same with stuff she has found. 

A gunshot is heard twice. Leah and Sophie widen their eyes, whilst Maya starts barking like hell. As the bravest one, Sophie turns her heels and runs into the living room to find the elder people dead. Two clean shots to the head, blood flows out from the new wound in their forehead. Their fingers are locked together. A tear is seen on Sophie's cheek, as she slowly walked towards them, and grabs the pistol the elder man used. 

A 9mm police pistol in a very good shape. 7 rounds left in the mag. There must be more than this, looks like the older man was a police officer in his old days. 

Leah would just continue to gather supplies. Whole her body is shaking by now, tears running down her cheeks as she does so. Maya still barking at the elder people in the living room. As the puppy she is, it isn't loud at all. 

Sophie walks around the living room, searching any desks, wardrobes she might find. She finds a hidden room in a desk. Another 9mm pistol is found, with two other full mags. She grabs it and runs towards Leah, she hands Leah the gun. ''Here take this, don't waste any ammo, okay?'' Leah nods, as she grabs the gun, still gathering supplies. 

Groaning and moaning sounds are heard, and a lot of them! Soon they both hear that something or someone knocks on the door like they don't know how to open a door. Leah walks slowly out from the kitchen, to see what is happening.

Sophie knows exactly what is going on. She rushes to Leah, grabs her by the arm, as she starts to run towards the nearest window which might lead them into a garden. Leah gasps as she is grabbed. Maya still barking, as she follows Sophie and Leah. 

Sophie is quick to destroy the window with her elbow. Removing any sharp pieces of glass from the window frame. She beacons Leah to jump out first. Leah does what told, and jumps out of the frame. The zombies outside breaks through the door behind them, as they start to walk towards Sophie. The groans and moans get really loud, almost that loud so they can't hear each other. Sophie would quickly grab Maya, throw her out of the window. One of the dead corpses gets a hold of Sophie's right arm. Leah screams, as she is scared. She literally pissed herself. Sophie is quick and gets free from the grasp. She jumps out of the window, with twenty zombies behind her. They are still steaming inside of the tiny old house.

Leah sighs in relief as Sophie didn't got eaten alive. They grab their stuff, as they run. The corpses are now falling out of the window, as they start to follow the three slowly.

They are on the streets again, running for their dear life. None bullets are wasted at all. All in all, they have 34 bullets in their mags.

Leah spots a warehouse to their left. ''Sophie, look!'' Sophie turns her direction towards the warehouse. It is a big warehouse rather new.  They run towards an automatically door which opens when you are close enough that the sensor can reach you. ''Please tell me you aren't locked,'' Sophie says, as she is close to the door now. It opens. They rush inside the warehouse. Sophie would search for the sensor which makes the door open automatically. She spots it on he wall to her left. It is too far from her to reach, so she grabs her gun, and aims at it. She would slowly pull the trigger as it gets destroyed. Hopefully, the door won't open, when the zombies are trying to come in. 

They rush inside, holding their guns in the right hand, and their steel hammers in their left, ready for any fight that should pop up. 

The lights are on within the warehouse, which makes them think an extra time. Maya is still swinging her long white tail, as nothing has ever happened. The sneak through and stops suddenly when they hear voices. ''P-People?'' Leah whispers towards Sophie. 

''Probably, and hopefully good people.'' As they continue to sneak. As Maya hears the voices, she starts to wander off towards them. 

''Maya!'' Leah whispered loudly, but she doesn't come back. Leah and Sophie sneak closer to the voices, as they hear them properly now. 

A man is speaking. ''So zombies are around outside, what are we going to do?! Have you any ide-..'' As Maya might have been found. Leah closes her eyes, as she is scared of her puppy getting killed. 

The man speaks again. ''Hey you, are you out here all by yourself?'' As he picks up Maya, caressing her fur. 

As Leah and Maya don't hear any gunshots or any dog whining, they decide to stop sneaking. Walking towards the people. They are now right in front of them. 

''It is my puppy you are holding, sir,'' Leah says is a scared tone. The man is around his last twenties, and the woman next to him is about the same age. Not any blood on their clothes, so they look fine.

''Oh, sorry girl. I am Adam, and this is my friend Caroline. He walks over to Leah and offers her Maya back. She wraps her arms tightly around Maya, as she caresses her fur. 

''I am Sophie, and this is my best friend Leah, and her dog Maya. Sorry for just rushing inside, you know.. We had a lot of zombies behind us, probably grinding against the door where we came.'' She said whilst smirking a bit, thinks she got a sense of humour. 

The woman breaks out laughing, looks like she got the same humour as Sophie. 

''Well, we have been here for quite some hours. We blocked the main entrance with some barricades, so we should be safe in here for some while.'' Adam speaks out calmly. 

''We shot the sensor where we come from, it should hold the zombies back from coming in here.''

''Ahh, great. Then we are safe in here.'' Adam smiles towards them. ''Well, it is great to meet you two,'' Caroline says with a smile on her lips. 

The tiny group of four gather around in the middle of the warehouse, got a lamp which can light up the place they are sitting at the moment. They're talking for quite some hours, getting to know each other a bit. They do have a dinner as well, from some of the supplies Leah and Sophie gathered earlier. 

''Ah well.. I think I will get myself some sleep..'' Leah said with a tired voice, even letting out a yawn. She would back off from the group, as she finds a place to make herself comfortable. Some minutes later, Sophie approaches her. 

''Hi sweetie, you did well back there, in the house.'' As she sends her a bright smile. Leah is lying down on a blanket she found, not even having a blanket over her body. Sophie would slowly lie down next to Leah, as she coils her arms around her. 

''What are you doing, Soph?'' Leah asks as she lifts her head and peers towards Sophie. Sophie already cuddling into Leah, their bodies are touching each other, not even a flat paper can lie between them, so close are they at the moment. 

''Cuddling you.. So we won't freeze to death. We don't have any blankets to pull over ourselves, remember?'' Sophie said with a smirk on her lips. Slowly caressing Leah's hair, trying to fall asleep herself. 

''Right..'' Leah places her head down on the blanket again, as she sighs once. She can't get the thought of the elder people out of her head, and the zombies. Maya walks slowly towards the cuddling two, as she places herself in front of Leah. 

Adam and Caroline are not sleeping yet, they're having a conversation before heading off to a place where they can sleep. 

Later on, Leah wakes up by some noises, which makes her perk a brow. She lifts her head a bit, as she hears a woman and a man moan. She shakes her head and places it down on the blanket again. Probably Adam and Caroline having some fun somewhere..


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