Tomorrow's Land

Tomorrow's Land revolves around the sixteen-year-old Leah who has to survive the apocalypse with none other than her loyal dog, Maya. Leah has to loiter about in several ghost villages, fight unkempt gangs and, more than anything, survive.

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2. A different day

Leah opened her eyes slowly, because of the stupid sunbeams again. They hit her right in the face. They were burning hot. She narrowed her eyes, as she raised herself to a sitting position.

She started the day of with the usual yawn before she raised herself fully. She walks over to her wardrobe, picking some clothes in her favorite colors. A white shirt and some black jeans with some holes in them here and there.

Maya jumps down from the bed, as Leah took her clothes on. Maya stands by the door, swinging her cute little tail from side to side. Leah peers at her, as she soon opens the door, so she can run out. Maya is quickly out of the room.

Leah follows, but in a slow pace like the lazy teenager that she is. Leah walks to her brothers room, which is downstairs next to the kitchen. She doesn't knock on.

She peers around the room, as she doesn't find him within his room. His stereo system is still playing very terrible music. The room isn't clean at all. Socks and underwear all around the room. Not a single sunbeam can be seen in his room. His room is all dark, with some posters of rock bands he likes. Leah shrugs, and closes the door again before she goes to the kitchen.

Is nobody home? Not even her stupid brother? Leah opens the fridge. Not even a plate of her usual breakfast is there. She decides to yell ''Nobody home?!'' She doesn't get a reply at all. She peers out the window, not seeing anybody. What a weird day? It is indeed weird that her brother isn't home, he is always home. Her mother is working as always, but that she haven't even left a note. That is weird.

She blinks her eyes once, as she noticed she forgot her phone upstairs. She rushes up the stairs, Maya straight after. She opens the door to her room, as she looks at her phone on the bedside table. No green light is blinking. She widens her eyes a tad, as she picks up her phone. She presses the power button once. No new messages or phone calls.

''Maya? Have you seen mom or Nick?'' She asks with a hasty tone. Maya doesn't reply at all, her tail is just swinging like always.

Leah sighs down towards Maya. ''Are you useful?'' Another sigh is heard. Leah goes to her laptop, as she presses the power button. She blinks her eyes, as she sees that she have got only one message. Obviously from a friend named Sophie. She scratches her neck a bit, as she opens the message. The message is of course on Skype.

The message from Sophie is opened. ''Leah, do not go outside, I have seen people get killed lately. I am stuck in my house myself. I hope you aren't gone.. ''

Leah raises her brow, as she reads the message through again, and again.

''Maya? You sure you haven't seen anything, or heard anything at all?'' She peers down at her puppy Maya. Maya is just swinging her tail from side to side, as the happy puppy, she is. Leah shakes her head a little before she places her forehead on the desk. She sighs, and closes her eyes.

Some minutes later she hears a knocking on her door downstairs. She rushes down, Maya is right behind her. You can't see straight through the door's glass, it is blurred. A shadow is seen on it, moving a bit as well. It knocks on the door again with more power. Leah starts to shake a tad before she grabs the handle with her slender fingers. She moves her left hand to the lock, she opens the door a little to peer out. It's Sophie. She opens the door fully, and Sophie rushes inside. Leah closes the door behind her and locks it again. She turns around, as she sees that Maya is jumping up at Sophie.

Sophie is rather athletic built with the female forms of course. Her clothes are all dark colours, black, grey and some white here and there. Her boots are of course leather boots with lots of metal on them. Her trousers are dark grey with holes in them. She wears a black leather jacket, with a white T-shirt with a skull in the middle. The skull is black and has diamonds as eyes. Her hair is auburn coloured and doesn't look well-kept at all. She has a piercing in her left eyebrow and her left nostril. The piercings are silver rings. 

''W-what is happening? Wasn't you stuck in your house?'' asks Leah with a scared tone.

''I was, but I crawled out of my window on the roof, and jumped down. I rushed through the streets to get to you. Are you okay?'' She asks, whilst peering at the rather scared Leah.

''Y-yes, I am fine. I just don't know what to do. My brother isn't here neither my mother.'' Said Leah. Leah walks into the living room, as she sits down on the couch slowly. Maya jumps up to her and places herself in Leah's lap. Sophie walks slowly into the living room as well. Placing herself on the other couch, where her brother used to sit. They looked at each other for quite some time.

''Soph? Do you know exactly what is happening outside? I haven't seen anything at all. I got quite scared from your message..'' Leah said with a low tone, still rather scared.

''Listen. I do not know how to explain this, but dead people are wandering about outside. I saw a police officer shoot a person in the guts. It fell to the ground but got up again. The officer ended up getting eaten by this.. Thing.. They can't be alive. I saw it on my way here, just a few streets from here.'' Leah widens her eyes, whilst listening to her friend tell the story.

''But how? How can such a thing happen? I.. I..'' Leah starts to cry. Tears start to roll down her cheeks slowly, whilst she sobs. Sophie raises herself and places her rear next to Leah's on the couch. Soon she coils her right arm around Leah's shoulders, as she starts to stroke her right shoulder. ''Relax, we will get through this, don't worry. I know this is sick.. You must fight with me, alright?''

Leah nods whilst sobbing still. Maya peers up at them both, not knowing what is happening. Maya starts to lick Leah's hand which is on her lap, trying to cheer her a bit.

''Do you have any stuff we can use in here, Leah?'' Sophie said with a calm tone.

''We.. We have some tools in the shed, in our garden.'' Leah said with a still saddened tone. Soon Sophie raises herself from the couch and releases Leah from the hug. ''Come on then, Leah. Let's go look at it.''

Leah peers up towards Sophie, with wet eyes. She somewhat raises herself, as she follows Sophie. They stand in front of the door to the garden. Sophie peers over her shoulder at Leah, as she asks: ''Ready?'' Leah nods once. Sophie opens the door, as she walks carefully over to the shed, which is in the end of the garden. A few meters and they are there. Leah takes the initiative and opens the door to the shed. A lot of tools, such as hammers, saws, screwdrivers and so on is hanging on the walls. Some nails, rope, and a single flashlight. They walk inside the shed, closing the door behind them. Maya followed them inside. Sophie peers around, grabs a hammer, a screwdriver, and the rope. She sticks the screwdriver into her right pocket, whilst holding the hammer in her right hand. She swings the rope over her shoulder. Leah does she same but hesitates a bit. She took another steel hammer, with a soft grip, and a steel screwdriver, also with a soft and good grip. They are about to go, but Leah stops. ''The flashlight..'' She turns around and grabs it with her left hand.

''Right, we got some weapons now. Got any backpacks around here?'' Soph says with a calm tone. Leah peers towards her, as she says: ''Y-yes, we do.. Inside the house, in my room. Got my school backpack.''

The three heads outside the shed, being rather careful. No danger seems to be around. They went inside again, walked carefully upstairs and into Leah's room. Leah found her backpack under her bed. She pulled it out and placed it on the bed. It is a black, and a rather big backpack, can obtain a lot of stuff it seems. Sophie is quick and grabs it. She puts the rope into the backpack.

''Okay, now we need some food, and water so we can handle ourselves for some while,'' Sophie said with still a calm tone.

''Yeah..'' Leah sobs once before she heads downstairs and into the kitchen. The two follows her. She opens the fridge and peers around. She notices 6 can sodas, but not more. She grabs them and places them into the backpack. Sophie starts to loot the kitchen as well.

After awhile, and they have found a lot of stuff, they look down into the backpack. They have 6 can sodas, 2 cans of corn, and 2 cans of tuna, and some candy.

''It is not a lot, but it will do.'' Says Sophie, peering at Leah.

''I guess it will.. Now what?'' Says Leah, whilst peering back at Sophie with a worried look.

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