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After almost a year apart, 19 year old Tara receives a voicemail from an old friend and lover, and decides to meet with them again. Throughout the journey, she relives the memories of them together through music. But what will happen when they finally meet again?

*please note that the cover and name aren't final*


1. Prologue

"We are now approaching Batesworth. Please mind the gap when exiting the carriage doors."

As the train begins to slow down, the world outside of the window becomes less of a blur. Paint-like streaks of green, blue, and white turn into the surrounding fields and sky, coming into focus as the nature is replaced by city grey. Commuters crowd around the doors. They shuffle from foot to foot, check their watches, sigh, edge closer to escape. They can't stand these people. Too close, too unfamiliar.

Hands grip yellow flaking bars as the train comes to a complete standstill. The doors slide open. Passengers spill out of the carriage and onto the platform. The sound of footsteps, distant conversations, and speaker announcements occupy the empty space, until more people board. Those who stayed on look up. In those two or three seconds between glancing up then back down, a judgement is made. A bag is placed onto an empty seat. A head turns back to the window. A volume button is pushed. They're afraid of the contact. Go out of their way to avoid it.

The doors close, background noise muffled by metal and glass. The new faces move to find a seat before they're forced to stand. A few seconds later, the train pulls away wearily. They're welcomed by the gentle voice of the speaker. It's almost like she's apologising for the stares. The original passengers grow distant until they're just dots on the horizon. They're forgotten. We've all moved on.

All too soon, the cycle begins to repeat itself.

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