Blurryface |Joshler|

Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Blurryface. Blurryface. Blurryface.


3. Unreal

Josh glanced around in the darkness. He couldn't see anything, not even his own hands which he held out in front of him. He'd always feared the dark, or at least felt uneasy toward it. He felt sucked into it and unreal, he didn't like that feeling. 

Tyler seemed to sense his discomfort because from the bottom bunk of their tour van he murmured through the eerie silence, "Are you scared, Josh?"

He almost jumped at the sound of his curious voice.


"The dark?"

Josh hesitated and then said, "Suppose I am?"

There was a creaking noise and he knew that Tyler was making his way up the ladder. He drew in a breath when he sensed he'd made it to the top. He was still thinking about the events from earlier.

"That would be okay," Tyler whispered, "Because I would be scared, too."

Josh felt his body next to him and he immediately began to make room.


"Tyjo, I didn't say anything."

Josh could almost feel his smile when he said, "I mean stop making room. Just relax, I can fit into small spaces."

So he did and he felt Tyler's fingers grazing through his pink hair. The tingling feeling had gone as soon as it had come, though, and he wondered if it had even been there in the first place.

"Would it be wrong to say you look beautiful tonight?" Josh spoke.

A short chuckle escaped Tyler.

"You can't even see me."

"Maye not, but I can feel you," Josh whispered, wrapping his hand around Tyler's. 

When he did this Tyler's hand became tense and he squeezed it to calm him down. He could almost hear Tyler's heart racing beside him and he couldn't help but wonder.

"Josh." His words came out cracked and breathless.

"Yeah?" He replied.

Tyler interlocked their fingers and said nothing more.

Finally, Josh's hand became limp in his own and he knew he was fast asleep. Through the darkness, he leaned over and let his lips brush over Josh's. He thought that it felt so perfect and he was like that for a moment, letting the faint feeling of Josh's lips and his scent consume him. He knew that if he really kissed him he would wake, so he just let his lips travel to his cheek where he planted a small kiss. He then cuddled up next to Josh and wrapped his arms around him. Tyler fell asleep with his head on his chest, hands still intertwined. 

Josh woke the next morning to find this and he let a smile find its way onto his lips. With his free hand, he ran it through Tyler's brown hair playfully. He stopped and pulled it away with a slight jerk when he felt Tyler's fingers wiggle in his grasp. He was awake.

He raised his head from Josh's chest and looked into his capturing brown eyes. 

"Is there something you want to tell me, Josh?"

Josh's heart beat faster in his chest and he felt beads of sweat appear on his forehead. Was this right? Now? Here?

Tyler smirked and brushed the side of Josh's face with his hand which he had untangled from his fingers before jumping down from the bunk. 

Josh lay there, frozen. Could Tyler know? Could he possibly be okay with it? Cautiously he leaned over the side of the bunk to see the handsome man staring up at him from below. He wanted to pull himself back onto his back but he gor lost in Tyler's eyes and Tyler held him in his gaze.

"No," Josh mumbled.

Tyler raised his eyebrows, entrancing him even more.

"I thought we didn't lie to each other."

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