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6. Leaving(Angst)

Christmas cookies. A strong manly musk. The faintest bit of pine needles mixed with citrus. 


Tyler inhaled the familiar scent, eyes fluttering open. Strong arms were wrapped around him and a pair of lips were pressed into his hair. 

He knew who it was, but he asked anyway.


He felt Josh wake up and the arms around him tightened. 

"Yeah, babe?"

Tyler felt his cheeks get hot. He snuggled into Josh's chest and let his arm drape around his waist. His healing scars still were very visible and Josh brought Tyler's arm up to his face, where he kissed the cuts as if he really could kiss it all better. Tyler felt a tingling sensation run down his arm and a smile appeared on his face. He loved the feeling of Josh's lips against his skin.

Josh seemed to sense this and pressed their lips together, and Tyler inhaled his scent again, his sweet, comforting scent.

"Don't ever leave me," He whispered between kisses, "Please."

Josh paused and pressed his lips to Tyler's forehead. "I would never."

Suddenly Josh's eyes wandered to his watch and he yelped.

"Josh?" Tyler's eyes grew wide.

"The meeting, the meeting is in five minutes! Tyler, we have to go!" 

Josh jumped out of the bed and began to change into a tux, leaving Tyler in the bed feeling rather abandoned. He began to laugh as he turned on his side to face Josh, who had already suited himself up(To Tyler's disappointment).

"Just when you said you'd never leave me."

Josh rolled his eyes and picked Tyler up and placed him on his feet. "Come on, you don't have much time to change."

Tyler nodded, ripping his shirt off in the hottest manner he could. Josh rolled his eyes again.

"We don't have time for that, either."

Tyler sighed as Josh scrambled down the stairs to the garage. It had only been a few days back from the tour, and already they were being called to meetings to discuss plans for the band. Their band. He grabbed a tux from the closet and put it on, rushing out the door after Josh.


"Late again?" Their agent sighed as Tyler and Josh stepped into her office. 

"Sorry," Josh mumbled, and the two sat down at the table she was sitting at, across from her. 

She folded her hands and leaned forward on the table, glancing down at the papers in front of her. 

"So, for an upcoming music video, I've been thinking you should-"

"Actually, there's been a... slight complication." Josh interrupted.

Their agent, Maria, raised an eyebrow and gave them a skeptical look.

"Go on."

Josh glanced at Tyler nervously and Tyler nodded, they'd have to get this over with somehow. 

"Tyler and I are... are..."

"Are what Josh?"

Josh looked down at his converse. 


They watched Maria's expression transform from confused to shocked. 

Disgust filled her voice when she said, "What?"

Josh reached for Tyler's hand and they held hands while Maria surveyed them in horror.

"No," She said after a moment, "No, no, no."
She stood up and walked over to a chart, pointing to some stuff neither of them understood.

"You cannot be together! Not only is it completely disgusting, but this will be bad publicity. You hear me? Bad."

Josh and Tyler exchanged glances, this was not how they had expected it to go.

"You two either break up and remain best frens, or you better get a pretty freaking realistic cover up."

She was shouting, and it seemed like she was on the verge of practically blowing up.

"What about all those people who write fanfiction about us?" Tyler asked nervously, receiving a glare from Maria. 

"You just, you, you just can't!" She cried in exasperation, clearly very flustered.

Tyler squeezed Josh's hand tighter and Josh squeezed back as if to say, I'll never leave you.

"We need a cover up, then. Maria, we're in love," Josh stated. 

Maria threw another dirty glare their way.

"No, you need to break up."

"But you just said-"

"I changed my mind. Take a few days off to think about it."

They glanced at each other nervously.

"Until further notice, I want you out of my office." 




"Where are we going now?" Tyler asked when they were back on the road. As far as he knew, they didn't have anywhere else to be.

Josh smiled, eyes fixated on the road.

"We're going to come out to our parents."

In that moment it felt as if Tyler's heart had stopped.

"What did you just say?"

Josh's smile faded slightly. 

"I said we're coming out to our parents."

Tyler choked back a sob and leaned against the car door, his hands pulling at his brown hair.

"No, oh god no! Josh no!"

Josh pulled over and lifted Tyler's hands away from his face, staring into his eyes. "Hey, hey, it's okay!"

Tyler shook his head and Josh pulled him into his lap, cradling him in his arms. 

"Shh, Tyler, it will be fine."

Tyler let out a mangled sob and said, "You don't understand! My parents, they, they won't like that."

Josh frowned, "I'm sure they-"

"No! They won't be okay with it!" 

Josh cupped his hand around Tyler's jaw and whispered, "Everything will be okay, I promise you."

He wrapped his other arm around Tyler's waist and kissed him, his flowery scent consuming him. 

"I promise, no matter what happens, I will not leave you."

"I love you," Tyler whispered into Josh's shoulder, fighting tears with every ounce of strength he had.

"I love you too," Josh said, and the sound of his voice in his ears made Tyler want to cry even more because he just couldn't lose Josh, he couldn't. 


When they reached the restaurant that Josh had asked their parents to meet them at, the got out of the car and stood by the entrance. Josh grabbed Tyler's hand which he noticed was trembling with fear. 

"Hey," He said, and Tyler looked up into his eyes, "You ready?"

Tyler nodded and they mounted the steps, their fingers intertwined, beads of sweat appearing on Tyler's forehead. Josh opened up the door and Tyler immediately saw his parents sitting with Josh's at a long table. When they looked up to see their sons holding hands, the smile on everyone's faces diminished quickly and were replaced with pure and utter horror.

The two boys walked over and stood there awkwardly, hand in hand. 

"Wha..." Josh's father began.

Tyler's parents were too shocked to say anything.

Josh cleared his throat and Tyler stood there, frozen in fear. 

"So, Tyler and I are, uh, together."

Wow, he actually got the words out, Tyler thought. 

Josh's father nodded slowly and his mother reached for his hand. 

"I still love you," She whispered, holding his hand, tears forming in her eyes. 

Tyler turned to his parents, who's expressions were practically expressionless. 

"Mom," Tyler whispered, "Dad?"

Josh turned to watch what was about to go down.

Tyler's mom suddenly let out a sob and his father stood up, his nostrils flaring with anger. 

"And to think, Tyler I was so proud of you, your music, but to think," He stuttered in rage.

"I'm sorry," Tyler whispered.

"Oh don't apologize, what's done is done. My own son is a-a fag!"

Tears welled up in Tyler's eyes.


"A faggot!"

The whole restaurant was staring at them. Tyler let out a quivering breath and before he knew it he was running, running toward the exit, tears streaming down his face.

"Tyler!" Josh called, sprinting after him.

Tyler opened up the doors, the rain immediately soaking his shirt and skin. The sun had set while they were inside and he ran down the sidewalk, screaming. He could hear Josh running down the street behind him, calling his name in hoarse cries. 

"I don't think you get it, Josh, we can't be together, not after that!" 

Josh grabbed Tyler's wrist, stopping him and swinging him around to face him. Tyler yanked his hand away and crossed his arms defiantly. His face was cast with grim shadows in the street lights. 

"I love you, I don't care what your parents think, what Maria thinks, I am not letting you go!" Josh pulled Tyler close to kiss him, but Tyler shoved him away, pain enveloping him. 

He felt his eyes burn and he turned so Tyler wouldn't see the beginning of tears. 

"Don't you see? We can't be together! Never, Josh! If you think for one second that this will work, that everything will be just fine, you better check again! I promise you, nothing will work!" Tyler shouted vigorously, his words full of a guilty sort of hatred. 

"Yeah, this coming from the guy who made the move in the first place," Josh spat, spinning around to face Tyler since he had maintained control of his tears. 

"You hugged me first," Tyler retorted.

"Yeah, only because you were trying to kill yourself because of that damn psycho in your damn brain!" The moment Josh had spoken he wished he could shove his words back into his mouth. 

Tyler's face flushed with anger and he grabbed Josh's collar, pushing him into the brick wall of a store. He got so close that Josh could feel the anger coming out in his hot breath, his veins showing in his strained face. 

"You have no idea what's going on inside my head!" He shouted, fiercely looking into Josh's pained eyes, "So you leave me alone! I am done with you, Josh, I'm done with all of this and if you ever try to make a move on me again, I swear, oh I swear-"

"You swear what?" Josh growled, a hint of vengeance in his deep voice.

Tyler's eyes softened as he realized he had been squeezing Josh's wrist which he had pinned against the wall. He was hurting him, Josh was just too noble to admit to it. He released him, backing away slowly. 

"You call that pain, but I swear I'll make you feel worse."

"Is that supposed to be a threat?" Josh said, his voice ablaze with rage.

He was pressed against the wall, breathing hard. There was a ring around his wrist from where Tyler had gripped it so tight. 

Guilt washed over Tyler as he realized what he had done. He turned so Josh couldn't see his tear streaked face and began to walk back to the car.

"I dunno."







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