Blurryface |Joshler|

Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Blurryface. Blurryface. Blurryface.


5. Holding Scarred Hands


There was a brief moment where Tyler flipped open his pocket knife and began to press it to his wrist, but he stopped before it broke through his skin. He had Josh now, he didn't have to do this. Josh would find out, anyway. He slowly dragged it away from his trembling hands and flipped it closed, placing it back in the drawer where it belonged and desperately tried not to let Blurry get into his thoughts. It was no use, however.

Take it back øut and dø it.



Y-you can't make me.

Yes, I can.

Tyler screamed as Blurry took control and he opened up the drawer again, pulling the knife back out. 

"Josh! Help!"

He can't hear yøu. He's at Brendøns.

Despite what Blurry thought, Josh could hear Tyler.

"Did you hear that?" The pink haired boy asked Brendon, sitting up straighter in his chair. 

Brendon furrowed his brow and was silent for a moment.

"Help!" Tyler cried.

He sobbed as he slashed a cut in his hand(Blurry wanted him to cut his wrist but he was resisting). He heard the door to the bus swing open and Josh's deep voice yell, "Tyler!" 

Brendon followed him in.

"Help!" Tyler screamed as Blurry forced him to cut again, "Please help!"

Josh swung the door to the bathroom open to see Tyler holding a knife over two cuts in his hand, his blood splattered on the sink, tears streaming down his perfect face. Josh ran toward him immediately, along with Brendon who slowly took the knife out of his shaking hands.

"Get it away," He sobbed, falling into Josh's outstretched arms.

"Shh," Josh whispered into Tyler's ear, running his hand through his hair. 

He pulled away slowly, holding Tyler at arm's length. 

"Did Blurry...?"

Tyler nodded, he could feel his face scrunched up and he could feel the snot running fast from his nose, but he didn't care, he was hurting and his hand hurt badly. Josh pulled him back into the hug, thinking if only he could trade places with Tyler like he did the last time this had happened. 

"Blurry would crush you."

He remembered those words far too vividly. 

Brendon grabbed a cloth and ran it under water, handing it to Josh who began to dab it onto Tyler's cuts. Tyler sniffled.

"I'm so s-sorry," He whispered.

Josh shook his head.

"It wasn't your fault."

"I know, b-but, how can you not be mad?"

Josh looked into Tyler's eyes as he cleaned the cuts.

"If Blurry's telling you that I'm mad, he's wrong."

Tyler let out a loud sob and Josh shushed him, cupping his face with his free hand and rubbing his thumb back and force across his chin.

Brendon glanced down at his watch, "Oh, god, Sarah's expecting me to meet her at McDonalds in five. You gonna be okay?"

Tyler and Josh both nodded.

"Isn't McDonalds an odd place for a date?"

This made Tyler laugh.

Brendon rolled his eyes and said, "See you around."

When he was gone, Tyler released another sob and Josh pulled him close so their foreheads were touching.

"Hey, It's okay, I'm here now," Josh said, trying his best to sooth Tyler. 

Tyler leaned into him and their lips met. He smiled as he kissed him, his lips, his strong arms holding him, they were so reassuring. 

Josh pulled just barely away to catch his breath and whispered, "I love you, Tyler Joseph."

"I love you, too, Joshua Dun."

He then laid his head on Josh's shoulder and fell asleep as Josh finished cleaning the cuts. He stood up, cradling Tyler in his arms as he carried him over to his bunk. They would be heading home tomorrow, they could go hang out at the park. He thought about this as he tucked him in.

"I love you, Tyler." He whispered, placing a kiss on his forehead. 

Tyler smiled in his sleep.



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