Blurryface |Joshler|

Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Tyler Joseph. Blurryface. Blurryface. Blurryface. Blurryface.


9. Gone(Angst)


Josh jumped at the sound of Tyler's sweet voice. He couldn't quite tell if his tone was apologetic or angry, so he remained silent, hoping Tyler wouldn't look up and see him. 

"Josh," Tyler called again.

Josh slowly craned his neck around the side of the tree and looked down to see Tyler standing awkwardly next to the trunk, glancing around for the boy.

"Josh, please."

When he looked up, suddenly, Josh whipped himself around and tried to conceal his body in the branches. However, it was no use. He knew it was too late.

"Josh, are you up there?"


"I'm coming up."

Josh could hear the sound of branches creaking and his heart skipped a beat. All he wanted was to disappear. To get out. To die. He leaned over the side of the thick branch he was sitting on. What if he jumped? He knew he would die, but that was what he wanted right then. Tyler wouldn't get the chance to yell at him. He wouldn't have to suffer through this any longer. He let his legs dangle over the side. He could just jump. 

Suddenly a hand was on his shoulder and he gasped. He couldn't jump now. All he could do was face the boy, the one he loved with all of his heart. 


"Josh?" There was a moment where they locked eyes and just looked at each other, no one really knowing what to say.

"Why did you say that?" Tyler asked, much softer than Josh had expected. 

"Because it's true."

Tyler took a deep breath.

"I thought we both moved on."

"Yeah, well I didn't."
"Josh please don't be like this."

"Like what?" Josh snapped, "In love with you?"

Tyler didn't respond, just looked at him with hurt in his eyes.

"W-what about Debby?"

"Don't tell her I said this, but I'd give her up in a heartbeat to be with you." He moved his hand from his lap to Tyler's waist and Tyler flinched.

"J-Josh, I'm married."

"I know," Josh grunted, moving his hand back down to his lap. He turned away and looked down at the bus, which looked like a bug in the distance. 

"Josh, you're very important to me."

"Yes, I know."

"You're my best fren."

"Yes, I know."

Tyler sighed, slipping his arm around Josh's shoulder. He, too, wanted to be more than that, but he couldn't possibly say so. Besides, he did love Jenna. She was one of the nicest people he had ever met and he was proud to have married her. His parents were proud, too.

"It's just," Josh said, turning his head to look into Tyler's magnificent chocolate-brown eyes, "It hurts to see Jenna kissing you and making you feel lovely. It hurts when I can't be the one holding you, when I can't be the one stopping Blurryface. I-It hurts that your not mine."

Tyler let all of this soak in. It hurt him, too. He opened his mouth to say so.

Døn't yøu dare.

I'm sorry.

Yøu shøuld be. Yøu døn't deserve tø be happy. 

I know.

Tell him øff.


Dø it Ty. He deserves to suffer just as much as yøu do.

What?? No!

Tell him that yøu can't love him. Tell him what a fag he is. 

No. Please, no.

Dø it.

No. I am above you.

Are yøu giving me sass? I will make yøu slit yøur thrøat. Yøu better dø as I say, ør the consequences might be wørse than reøpened scars.


Tyler snapped out of his thoughts to see Josh staring at him with concern practically written on his face.

"We can't. It's gross, Josh."

He watched Josh's eyes brim with tears. 

"Y-you don't mean that."

Cønvince him.

"Yeah, I do!" Tyler was yelling now. He stood up and began to make his way down the tree, looking away so he wouldn't have to see Josh's tear streaked face.

Yøu did gøød. Yøu wøn't be getting yøur punishment yet.

Josh watched him through tears, biting his lower lip. He was gone. Forever.

He glanced down at the ground through the trees again.

He thought about jumping.

Instead, he climbed down and followed Tyler back inside.

He pretended to be okay.

He pretended not to regret not jumping.


Sorry the chapters are so short right now. Don't worry, though, things are heating up in the next chapter, though. :)





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