"Nobody's Child" Cassie is an eleven year old girl who has been in a children's home since she was four years old. Very bright, Cassie excels in most subjects and can play Brahms and Mozart on the piano at the age of only six. Because of her age nobody wants to adopt her. Mrs Cummings the manager of Auton House is a wicked woman who treats Cassie and the rest in her charge badly and beats her with regularity. One day she is sent to clean out the toilet and bathroom and Mrs Cummings comes along to inspect them. Running a white glove over everything and looking for dirt. When she doesn't find any she then reaches up on the door - Cassie is only three feet six inches tall and was unable to reach up to the top of the door and Mrs Cummings sets about her with a cane. She beats her so badly that Cassie runs at her forcing her back where she hits her head on a wash basin. Cassie in her panic rushes out and runs away.- It is there that she meets Don a ex docker who takes pity on the girl - rea


63. 63

“Yes I have, will there be a problem?’

“Not from us, in fact we will recommend to the courts that you will make an excellent father.’

“Thank you.’


They reached the car park at Preston Hospital and Don leapt out and was running to the entrance.

“At the reception he asked to see Cassie and the receptionist asked if he was a relative.’

“No but…

It’s alright Miss I’m Detective Sergeant Tim Stanton Northumbria Police. This man is the child’s custodian.’

If you wait here I will get a nurse to take you to her; please go into the waiting room.

Don was pacing the floor as Beefy brought coffee from the dispenser and gave it to Don and told him to sit down.

He thanked the officer for the coffee and took a huge drink from the cup and swallowed in the hope it would help calm his nerves.

They sat waiting for nearly an hour and the doctor came out and came over to them.

Have you come about the little girl who was brought in earlier?’

“Yes how is she?’

“Well we’ve given her a full blood transfusion and she is responding to Methylprednisolone. We are lucky that we have not have not had to hook her up to a dialysis machine.’

“Is she conscious?’

“Yes just a few minutes ago she came out of a coma.’

“Can I see her?’

“Yes but just a few minutes see is not out of the woods yet. She will be here for a week or so we can monitor her. Leprospirosis can reoccur after several days if not monitored so we have to be sure before we can allow her to leave the hospital.’

Thanks’ doc said Don as they walked down the corridor to the isolation ward.

There hooked up to all kinds of machines was Cassie.’

Don began to cry as he saw her little face.’ there was a tube through her left nostril and a needle in her arm. They had elevated her feet to reduce the swellings in her ankles.

A drip was attached to her other arm as don pulled up a chair and took hold of her tiny hand in his.

“Cassie it’s Don; I’m here now and I’m going to take care of you.’ No one is going to take you away again I promise you.’

Cassie opened her eyes then saw Don sitting there.’

Oh Mister Don; you came. I was in a far away place and I kept on calling your name and you weren’t there.’

“Well I’m here now honey and you’re in safe hands. You get well now; I will come and see you later on today alright.’ You go to sleep now.

“I’m very tired Mister Don.’

Don stood up then bent over and kissed her on the forehead. The nurse came in and Don had to leave. He took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the tears from his eyes.’

How is she asked Tim Stanton and Dave Woodford?

“I think she will be just fine said Don with a smile.’

“Look we have to go; have you enough money to get a taxi home?’

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